October 08, 2016 23:04

How to remove password from a computer .How to remove the password when the computer starts

Many people install on your computer password.Basically it is done to protect personal information.And sometimes the parents in such a way to limit access to games for your child.But over time, the need for such protection is held, then the password can be simply removed.Or another situation - you just forget your password.Do not worry, because it can also be reset.

first look at how to remove the password from a computer that is running Windows 7. Turn on the computer and go to the system as Administrator.Only with his rights, you can make a plan.Click the "Start" icon in the lower left corner of the screen or the corresponding button on the keyboard.In the pop-up window, select "Control Panel."

click on the "Add or remove user accounts" in the window that appears.

3 Select the user account password that you want to delete and click on the "Delete password".

Next, enter the current password and click on the button "Remove password".After these actions the selected user c
an turn on the computer, not bothered by entering a password.

On the Windows 8 algorithm of actions is similar, but still has some differences.Also log on with Administrator rights.Call the sidebar, your cursor from the lower right corner of the screen up, and there choose "Settings."Next click on "Control Panel."

In the window that was opened after your actions, go to the section "User Accounts and Family Safety."Now enter the "User Accounts" and double click on the one with which you want to reset your password.

new window will open where you will see "Change Password" button.Push it.Enter your current password and hit "Next."

8 You will be prompted to set a new password.But as the need to simply remove the reserve field "New password", "Enter password again" and "password hint" empty.Click "Next".Now confirm your action by clicking "Done".Login free.

above-described methods will help if you know the password to the computer, but there are cases when the password is unknown.Then it will be the best assistant ERD Commander program.Unfortunately, it does not cover free, but on the Internet, you can always download it.For example, site presents several versions of software for different operating systems.

Create a boot disk or a USB flash drive.Stuck in the computer and turn on him.The window that loads, select your operating system, then in the "Options System Restore" celebrating the first sentence of the paragraph and click "Next".

In the new window, select the Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset, then click on the item "Change Password Wizard."In the pop-up window, select the user and assign him a new password.Click Next, and on "Finish".

Having all this, remove the USB flash drive or disk, depending on what you use, and restart your computer.The system prompts for the password.Enter the one set in the ERD Commander program.And then operate as described in the preceding paragraphs.

Now you know how to remove password from a computer if necessary.You can even reset it if you forget or accidentally changed.You do not need to reinstall the operating system, which will save all the data.