October 19, 2016 23:03

How to recover your account .How to recover a deleted account

Remote profile (account) may be the cause of great trouble.Do not be discouraged - there are several ways to restore it.Choosing the right way to recover lost depends on its condition.The main reasons of inaccessibility Profile Three: deleted, blocked, suspended for a while.Unsophisticated user is sometimes quite difficult to identify the cause.If you follow the instructions, the probable success, although there are complicated cases and "intensive care" is not possible.

Let's start with the simple - account has been suspended.Maybe you have not used it for a long time, we have not visited this page, accidentally close.Now you can see the inscription when you try to enter a pair of "login-password", "Your account has been suspended", "deleted ...", "... suspended".Carefully look around the page - its interface is likely to contain the function "Restore".In most cases, if the account is closed or blocked you in person for the prescription of demand, it is enough to re-enter "login password" and yo
ur account will automatically be "unfrozen".In some cases you need additional information: the answer to the secret question;phone number for confirmation by SMS;address of the mailbox;enter "captcha", etc.

Your account can lock the system safety checks.It is the fault of the virus that has entered the computer.Virus on your behalf engaged in network attacks, spamming, and other troubles.Check your computer for spam can be online.On the resource is a function.Go to it via the link http: // / spam /.Click the button "Check".The reason for the urgency of taking appropriate measures - LISTEN inscription in red.Click on the link, enter your request to remove your IP-address from a spam database.Then check your computer system and fixed drives Antivirus or online on sites: ESET Online Scanner, Panda ActiveScan, HouseCall, Microsoft Safety Scanner, Kaspersky Security Scan, McAfee Security Scan Plus.You can check your PC without loading tools: Dr.Web, Virustotal.

after a thorough virus scan and treatment need to disable "System Restore" to prevent roll back to the previous point: "Start - All Programs - Accessories - System Tools - System Restore."Now restart your computer, and then again, you can enable "System Restore."In Windows 8 system, several other procedures, it is displayed in the screenshots.

Return to 2IP, go to the technical support department, describe meaningful, but briefly locking the reason IP-addresses, what measures have been taken to stop the sabotage action on the part of your profile.Soon, your account will be unlocked and you will be prompted to change your password.Administration may do so itself.If this does not happen - be sure to replace your password.Password enter the complex, is not repeated on other sites.Never share them on social networks.

Sometimes in social networks "abandoned" for a long time accounts permanently deleted right, that is all.The term "freezing" of the profile must be specified.Deleting your account without the possibility to return it occurs, for example, at Google, if the user has his age at the secondary service is less than 13 years.Google, according to US law, removes the accounts within 45 days.

Knowing the technical recovery options, you can return it within 2-3 days.Enter as much more information about themselves, secure account for the mobile number, e-mail box address, alternate address.Do not encourage fraudsters who drain money for password recovery.Read online "What if the hacked account".