October 22, 2016 23:01

How to clean your computer.How to clean your computer from computer waste .We consider the system of purification by a third-party free software - "CCleaner" program .

your computer is running slowly, including internet, brake application and do not open the image - part of the reason lies in the "computer trash", which periodically need to get rid of.Here's how to do it with a program designed specifically for cleansing the system.

Go to the site « », check with the application for care of Windows and other operating systems -« CCleaner ».Activate the option "Download CCleaner ...».

will transfer you to the page containing the boot files.Select the appropriate version for yourself - for stationary PC is more convenient to use the very first version of the standard.Click on the active button-link - installation application downloaded to the computer.By default, Google Chrome - a folder «Downloads», which is located on the system drive in the documents.

Start «CCleaner Installer», install cleaner software on your PC, select the appropriate language.In the working window «CCleaner Free» select vkladochku "Cleaning", activate the n
ecessary items, but first please read the sections "the Windows" and "Applications", not to instruct extra flags and not to lose, for example, history of visits that do not plan to be cleanedor saved passwords.Further, the "Analysis" button and then "Clear".

Click the "Register" button and activate the "Search for problems" and then "Edit ...".In the window "Save backup copies made of documents" - select the command "No", and in the dialog - "Correct marked."

Complete cleaning system by removing unused applications via vkladochku "Tools» → «Remove Programs."In the list, select the program and click "Uninstall."Keep in mind that the "Delete" button deletes only uninstall registry entries.

In the "Startup" check for any extra running in automatic mode, at the same time with Windows, applications.Find and remove unnecessary, just go to this matter carefully.For example, an antivirus application, even if you do not intend at this time to produce scans should be run with the system and work.

Important!On the Internet to find a similar "cleaners" of a large work will not make, however, be extremely careful when you download patches or keys choose to use third-party services and not the official websites of the software developers.