October 23, 2016 23:01

How to translate the text .How to perform a translation of the text

Every day modern man receives a huge amount of information.Thanks to computerization, it spreads with great speed and goes everywhere.There is only one problem - often the right information is available only in a foreign language.Fortunately, to translate the text into plain language is not so difficult.

Despite some inaccuracies performed the translation, one of the most popular online-translation - Google Translator.To get to the service page, you can either go directly to the Google home, clicking on the "Services" - "More" - "Translator".Then everything is simple - copy the desired text in the left window, select the original document language and the desired target language and click "Translate".The biggest advantage of Google is a large language database, and the ability to translate not only words and fragments of text, but also pages of sites and text documents.It is very convenient feature to store translated words in a personal phrasebook.However, in order for this feature to be
available, you must log in with your personal Google Account.By the way, the text can not only read, but also listen to the correct pronunciation.

not far behind, and with his service Yandex Yandeks.Perevod having in the arsenal of 44 languages.translator web page interface, and set the available options are not much different.For example, to translate the page of any English-language site in Russian, copy the link to the site and paste it in the left window.The link will appear in the right window and become active, go for it.This opens a new window with the translated text and the original text, which is located on the corresponding tab.It is difficult to name a literary translation, but to grasp the general meaning is still possible.

Microsoft has also tried to simplify the task of the users of MS Word.Learning to use a built-in translator is quite easy, but in this case need online dictionaries, so can not do without an Internet connection.To start a transfer, open the file with text or paste some text into a new document.Select the text, click the right mouse button and select "Transfer".On the right side of the document window additional menu will appear where you can set different settings for the translation.Clicking on the button "Translation Options", check that the line "Use Dictionary online" was checked.This will help improve the quality of translation.Next, click "Paste" and in place of the original text will be translated.

The logical question - how to translate printed text does not exist in text format, and graphically.Most unlucky owners of smartphones based on Android - Google Translate app can recognize text from images taken by the camera on your smartphone.To get started, download the app from the Play Market.

5 Run the application, select the translation direction and click on the camera icon.Translator immediately switch to camera mode.To take a picture, just tap your finger on the screen.If there is no light, there is a flash, which is activated by pressing the lightning bolt icon on the right.By the way, you can translate the text not only photos, but also with images saved previously.Once the program will analyze the image, you are asked to select the text you want with your finger.All through a fraction of a second translation will appear in the box at the top of the screen.

Pay special attention to the correctness of the source text before doing the translation, since the error even in one word, can significantly distort the meaning of the material.