October 23, 2016 23:02

How to make a logo in Photoshop .How fast do the logo in Photoshop

important part of the company's image - a logo.Most often it is presented as a kind of a unique image with text.Consider the easiest way to create a logo by means of the well-known graphic editor - Adobe Photoshop CS6.

to start concentrate all its attention on the organization, for which, in fact, and will create a distinctive sign.For example, you have a small business imidzhmeykersky - beauty salon or beauty parlor.Find a picture on the Internet, which could come as a major element for your logo - for example, a photograph of a girl with beautiful wedding hairstyle.

Launch Editor to work, open the selected file using the "File" command → «Open ..." and just pay attention to the color palette.By default - it is white and black.

Give silhouette, shown in the photo, artistic effect - refer to filter dialog window via the main menu and click "Filter» → «Filter Gallery."

Zoom using the buttons "+" and "-" at the bottom of the viewing area.Choose a category and directly the
filter - can freely experiment here.Suppose you define a filter "sketch" effect "ragged edges" - adjust the settings using the sliders and save your result.

Now apply to the image of a special color effect - convert it to the opposite color.Activate the palette "correction" icon "inversion" or click on the icon to create a new adjustment layer, and select from the list select "Reverse".

Combine "layers" visible layers in the menu → «Merge Visible" or a combination of «Shift» + «Ctrl» + «E», followed immediately create a new layer «Shift» + «Ctrl»+ «N».

Fill 'Layer 1' light brown - activate the "Fill" tool, specify the color in the palette of colors and perform the fill, click the tool for the background image.

Then the layers palette, set the "bright" mode and apply it to the layer with the command in the drop-down list.Then combine layers: «Shift» + «Ctrl» + «E».

9 Now go directly to the creation of the logo.Open a command «File» → «New ..." a new document of any size with a resolution of 72 pixels / inch.Through the tool "Horizontal Type" enter the name of "your cabin."In the options bar, experiment with your font choice and size.

Give name individual style - double-click on the text layer in the "Layer Style" dialog box, set the desired parameters.

With "Magic Eraser" tool get rid of the white background of the sketch, and then drag a silhouette of a girl working in the logo box.

Then using the tool "Free Transform" or «« Ctrl »+« T »resize it, and flip it horizontally by clicking the right mouse on the layer and selecting from the list the desired item.

Just as for a text layer, give individual style move objects and be glad for the work done.

Make yourself more complex logo, which uses multiple overlaying of different objects, layers and effects, it turns out, not all, but for professional web designers, nothing is impossible.