October 24, 2016 23:01

How to install Word.Installation Guide Microsoft Word

Word from Microsoft - the most popular text editor, which is installed on more than 90% of all computers.This high popularity of this product is due to its performance and user friendly interface.Without a set of MS Office is impossible to imagine any modern computer running running Windows.To learn how to install MS Word on a new computer or on your computer after you reinstall the system, we'll tell you below.

First license purchase MS Office disc.Using pirated software is against the law and is a criminal offense.In addition, pirated software can contain malicious code that can cause damage not only to documents stored on your PC, but the device itself.Licensed discs can be purchased at specialty stores.They are easily distinguished by the presence of pirated software required holographic labels on packaging and high cost.The use of licensed software is the key to fast and stable operation of the installed applications.

Install bought into the drive of your computer and run it.The sys
tem itself will offer to run the installation program on your computer.After checking the availability of the required space for installing the application on the hard drive of your PC screen appears for entering the serial number.Locate the serial number on the disc package and enter it.

After entering the room window will appear that contains the path to copy the files.If necessary, change it to any other convenient for you.After selecting the installation site and all the necessary components, click on "Start Installation".Depending on the performance of your computer and the version of the installed software, the installation process may take from 5 to 20 minutes.Upon completion of the installation is required to restart the computer.Run the installed application.After the first run, enter your personal information in the window.If you want to activate your copy of the application.

addition to installing Word from the disk, you can install it from the official Microsoft website.To do this, click on the link, select the right product for you, for example, recommended by the Office 365 Home, add to cart and click "Checkout".You can pay using a credit card.After payment, download to your computer setup file.Further installation is not different from the installation disk, except without the need to enter a license key.

5 If you are installing the application on a mobile device, download the Word file with the appropriate application.For example, the AppStore for iOS or Market for Android.For the payment of the purchase application, you also need a plastic card, "tied" to your account.Run the downloaded file and follow the instructions from your mobile device's screen.

If you want to install a pirated version of Word - download it from the Internet or buy a CD with software piracy.To download torrent best suited resource.To do this, follow the link and start the download.In the future installation of a pirated version of the program does not differ from the installation of the license application.But you should remember that the use of pirated software may entail a lot of negative consequences, including the use of criminal penalties to you.

Now you know all the ways to install Word on a computer, and in compliance with the instructions written above, this procedure will not take much of your time.