October 31, 2016 00:03

What if the laptop does not see the hard drive .How to check the hard drive work

It often happens that buying hard drive when connected to a laptop it is not reflected in the "My Computer".The first thought that arises at this point - is defective hard drive.But do not jump to conclusions, and you can sort things out yourself.

1 The first step is to understand whether your laptop sees the new device.To do this, right-mouse clicking on the icon "My Computer", you need to go to the "Computer Management" and then "Disk Management".On the right side of the window that opens, a list of visible drives, including basic and additional local drives as well as DVD-ROM drive.If this list is displayed a single disc with no name and other identifying marks, it is your hard drive.And in order to recognize his laptop, you need to format, which can be started in the same box.It is worth remembering that this method is only suitable for the new hard drive, as this procedure destroys all stored data.

If the hard drive has been repeatedly used by you on the laptop and stores valuable i
nformation, and suddenly it ceases to see the laptop, in this situation on their own can only check availability of the required drivers.To do this, go to "Control Panel" - "Device Manager" and there update the driver for your hard drive.

However, if the laptop is still hard not to see your hard drive, then you need to figure out what the problem is, in the aggregate, or laptop.To check the hard drive is sufficient to connect it to another device, then it becomes clear - it is OK or not.After finding the source of the problem is to give their decision in the hands of experienced craftsmen service centers.And be sure to check whether your device warranty is valid in this case, the hard drive repair or laptop will set you free.

information stored on the hard drive, is great value for its owner, and problems connecting to a laptop hard drive can cause a little panic and fear of losing data.However, even in such a seemingly seemingly complex problem there is a solution that can solve on their own or with the help of highly qualified specialists.