November 02, 2016 00:03

How to recover data from the hard disk .Recover lost data on your hard drive .An article about how to recover information from a broken hard drive .

All important information is stored on your computer's hard drive.There are situations when it may be lost: it is the disc breakage, incorrect formatting the wrong drive, other reasons.Restore data in the event of accidental deletion or formatting is not difficult with the help of special programs.If you have a problem with the drive itself - it's all a bit complicated, but it is still possible to retrieve information independently.

first step is to gently remove the hard drive from the system unit.To do this, you must first shut down the computer, disconnect the power and remove the battery (if it's a laptop).Then you can remove the hard drive.Specify which interface and the size of your disk and podyschu corresponding removable disk enclosure for it.Insert your drive into an external enclosure, secure it there.Then you can plug it into your computer via USB-port (used computer must be compatible with your settings for and installed applications).

After you boot the computer, you should
see a notification that connected the new device.It is also possible the automatic opening of the disc for viewing.If your drive is not detected either automatically or manually - it is likely that the hard drive is seriously damaged, and you have to turn to specialists.

Now with the help of special data recovery software (available for download on the Internet, can be paid and free), perform a disk scan.From the list that appears, select the recovered files needed and save.Effective and well-established programs like considered:
  • PC Inspector File Recovery 4.1;
  • Zero Assumption Recoveri (ZAR);
  • Roadkil's Unstoppable Copier 2.2;
  • BadCopy Pro v3.76;
  • DeadDiscDoctor 1.0;
  • File Salvage 2.0;
  • Non-Stop Copy v1.03 and others.

Very often the cause of the loss of the files is damaged master boot table - MBR.To restore information in this case is suitable MBRTool program or Active Partition Recoveri - programs not only recover bad sectors, but also to effectively reconstruct the MBR.

Do not forget to perform a disk check on the bad sectors.Use the software hard drive manufacturers.Recover bad sectors you can dd_rescue using the program - it is able to recover as much damage to the hard disk sectors.

If serious damage to the hard disk or you do not believe in their own abilities, it is better to consult a specialist data recovery and disk repair.The smaller the wrong action damaged disc - the more likely to recover data from it.