November 07, 2016 00:02

How to install windows on a laptop .How to install Windows.

Notebook fails to work properly, and calls for urgent to reinstall the system - it is not a problem.In compliance with this instruction can learn how to make difficult, but only at first glance, the manipulation of the portable device.

To begin, decide where you got the installation disc - whether it is purchased licensed with a brand new, more modern system or downloaded pirated Windows image and recorded at the minimum speed on the medium using "UltraISO» or «Nero ».USB recording is produced by «USB-HDD +», and it is better if fleshechka is larger than 4 GB.Formatting before image capture will take place in the NTFS file system.

Having the right software, first open the base system - "BIOS".Set the boot from the disc «CD-ROM» with the stick or «USB HDD» by changing «First Boot Device» settings under «Advanced BIOS features».Work keyboard - mouse in the BIOS disabled.Save «F10» keys to change and «Enter» or «Y».

Next, define the disc in the optical drive (drive) on the conditio
n that it is bootable (recorded correctly), or USB-port.Perform boot from this disk - usually by holding any laptop keyboard keys during power button starts «Windows Setup».

Start the process, respecting the proposed sequence of the setup wizard, but keep in mind that if your laptop system disk is not broken up into two sections, it is necessary in advance to save all the information that will be lost during an importantformatting - and the necessary installation steps.

For these purposes, use any available drive or perekin'te files to online storage.In a situation where there are two partitions, copy important data on a partition that will not use during Windows Setup.

Modern systems contain a complete set of necessary drivers, however, have to look for it separately and installed on the portable device further in rare cases (usually a driver for a sound card).If after installing the system does not appear neat musical accompaniment during startup, try to update the driver.

When you opt for pirated copies of Windows, do not forget that during the recording of the image, as well as the installation itself can be accompanied by some challenges, including the inability to start the "Setup Wizard".The installation files of such a system should not be used, and it is better to look for something more suitable for your laptop.