November 10, 2016 00:05

How to connect the hard drive from the computer to your laptop .

stationary computer is outdated or out of order, but a hard drive with multiple files accumulated over the years, fortunately for his owner, was working.Available have a laptop, so - it makes no sense to resort to the old computer upgrade and "bring him to his senses."Connect to your laptop hard drive, which is a computer language and have an internal HDD hard drive, and perekinem with him all the necessary information.

Visit the shop of specialized computer equipment, where consultation with the manager, to determine the choice of the device adapter, which helps to connect the hard drive to the laptop.If you do not have extra money, you can use the Internet find out where to buy in your local area adapter with it.

Proceed economically and stop your choice on a fairly low-cost multifunction adapter - «SATA» cable other words.When buying, make sure that the complete present: two cord (power adapter, which connects to the mains supply and USB cable), CD with software, which is required if t
he laptop an old Operating System, User, and directly the adapter - such a cute little thing withconnectors.

For long-term use of the hard drive purchase modern cable adapter USB 3.0 IDE and SATA, which easily allows you to connect to a laptop hard drive in seconds.Included also are all the necessary cables and user guide.

Tie bought an adapter with a laptop through a USB interface pin and do not try to open the case of your portable device.Just connect the hard drive to the device, which is equipped with a special connector.If you need to install drivers, be sure to use the disc that came with the driver or update via the Internet.Now your hard disk will work as a normal USB flash drive.

Unlike HDDs width of 3.5 inches and above, attached to the adapter 2.5-inch hard drive with optimized capacity does not require any connection to the mains using the power adapter included in the assembly of goods.HDD Options know when take it in hand.The label lists all the desired characteristics.

By choosing adapter approach seriously, if you want to use the old hard drive as an external drive.Do not forget your hard drive with you when you go for the adapter in the computer shop.The seller may offer you test the adapter to work right there, choosing the proper cable.