November 12, 2016 00:07

How to write the file to a USB flash drive .

are several ways to write the file to an external storage device for storage, transfer of information as well as for data exchange and backup files - ie,USB flash drive or the USB-stick.It is possible to record with the help of file managers like Total Commander, but we will use the tools in Windows system itself.

Consider the simplest version of the recording, or in other words - copying small-sized image files.Adjoin USB-Stick to a PC.Open the folder on your computer to choose a favorite picture and one picture, for example, a kitten.Click the right mouse a button.In the little window in the list we find the command "Send" and then choose the destination of their fleshechku.

second option is slightly more complicated - begins similarly, only in the window from the list, click "Copy".Next, open the flash drive, and then click anywhere.Besides the list of Select "Paste" and kitty copied.

You can also use the function Swapping files from one folder to another by means of a simple
manipulation of the mouse.Open the file window, and the window next to the drive.Hover your mouse over the image, highlighting her left a button mouse, pull and drag it to the desired location.Where release the mouse, the image is there and "land."

To write several sample files you need to hold down the "Ctrl" and the left mouse button to click on the photos you want to stand out, or to keep the modifier key «Shift» - is a rapid release of pictures one after the other.Highlighting or specify the command "Copy" and "Paste", or drag with a single mouse.

When copying large files on the drive over 4 GB may experience some difficulties.Available for sale USB flash drives formatted in the FAT32 file system, which does not allow to record the weight of more than 4 GB of files.To record a movie c extension.mkv or.dvd for up to 16 GB in size device, you need to format with NTFS.

Open "My Computer" and click on the removable disk, right arm.Choose from besides the list select "Format" and set the NTFS file system.In this case, it fits a quick format, which means: put the box and activate the button "Start".Now the problems with large files record should not be.

The latter option is provided for formatting larger than 4 GB of files.If your fleshechka has a small size, deep cleaning to NTFS is impractical and can reduce the period of storage service, as well as it will not be able to see the information on the DVD player and, if necessary, to create a bootable USB-drive.