November 12, 2016 00:07

How to automatically shut down the computer .

If you do not always have enough willpower to turn off the computer and go to bed on time, or periodically you fall asleep at the computer while watching a movie or sporting events, it is useful to you this instruction.Consider how you can automatically turn off the PC via the scheduled time using the timers, programs, and special utilities.

download online small program-timer Shut Down.Installing it is not necessary, because it is an executable file with the extension.exe.Open the program and set the desired settings and interface language.Click "Start" button and specify the desired action: Finally, going to sleep, restart, etc.The program will not interfere with you on your desktop, you can make it completely transparent.

Another similar program "shutdown timer."There she has one flaw - a parallel installation of elements of Yandex.This can be avoided.Remove all the checkboxes in the "Parameter Settings" menu.Customize it simple: select the desired time and press the shutdown alar
m clock icon.

SM Timer - The following utility will also help to easily set the automatic PC shutdown.Install the program, select "Turn Off Computer" or "Log off" and set the desired time, then press "OK" and you're done.

Very simple and functional program OFFTimer, no need to install, easy to configure, easy to use.Set the timer after starting, start the timer, turn the program window in the taskbar.Before you turn off the computer comes out a warning message about the end of the work session.

Another sleep timer computer "Sleep Timer 2007" differs from previous programs so that in addition to turning off the computer functions at a given time, he is transforms the PC into standby mode, terminates the user's session and all runningprocesses.

TimePC program performs more functions than previous.In addition to the automatic shutdown, can even run different processes defined using the tab "Startup Programs".Tab "Planner" will help you to plan your PC on all holdings.The program may also include a computer at a specified time.

most powerful tool - or rather, set of Power Off program has many useful settings.Default settings can not be changed.Set the "response time" in the "Timers" tab, and turn off your computer after a specified time.In the settings there are additional opportunities, they are set in the block "Make action", the standard timer and a countdown timer.

Little utility Wise Auto Shutdown is very useful to perform simple computer auto power off function at a given time.You can set the off time and time countdown.Planner helps you organize your computer at specified intervals.To avoid losing unsaved data, there is a warning to the question "Are you comfortable to shut down after 5 minutes."The answer is "no" - continue.

All of the program here-timers do not require installation, can be easily removed without any traces in the system easy to use and can be downloaded free of charge on the Internet.Put on downloading a large file, and you can sleep, you do not have to get up and turn off the computer at night.Forget it, the timer work time.