November 12, 2016 00:07

How to clean your computer keyboard .

keyboard - the basic unit of information input into the computer.After some time, depending on the intensity of use, it can be very dirty.Fall into it from food crumbs, spilled coffee and other beverages, stationery, small and simple household dust.You can certainly buy a new one, but try to carefully clean, and it will look good as new.

The easiest way to look at the keyboard using special cleaning wipes for computer - Defender.Impregnated with a special compound, they can be cleaned not only dust, but also on oily stains.If you have a touch-sensitive keypad - napkins enough to care for her if mechanical - care more difficult.

When working with a mechanical keyboard on which button is pressed all immersed in a special cell, it is important to follow a simple rule - never has a workplace computer.This is especially true of drinks and bulk products, which crumbs, falling between the keys can damage it irreversibly or lead to a major overhaul.

collect crumbs from the keyboard,
you can use a special USB-vacuum cleaner.This very small vacuum cleaner is connected to the computer's USB-port.The package for him are brushes that can clean even the most hidden corners of the keyboard from crumbs and dust.Their thickness is quite small, but quite sufficient to remove dust from the keyboard and the system unit.

You can clean the keyboard and the other way.Turn the keyboard over and gently shake a few times.Most of the crumbs, lint and small objects such as particles of sharpening a pencil or eraser vysypetsya.Now take the adhesive tape and stick it on the sticky side of the keyboard tightly, but not for long, traces of adhesive remain otherwise.To scotch stick even greasy dirt, and it will become much clearer.Not the best way, but it is suitable as a rapid method for quick cleaning.

A simple way - to blow dust from the keyboard by means of compressed air from a container ┬źDust Off┬╗.Press a button on the spray is directed into the space between the keys is a thin stream of air, it will clear the keyboard surface.You can use this operation to a simple syringe, but the effect will be less, and his efforts to achieve more.

If not helped any way, it's time to disassemble the keyboard.Before that, make a photo the keyboard to remember the location of the keys.If you still forget to do this - it does not matter, open the on-screen keyboard: "Start" - "All Programs" - "Accessories" - "Accessibility" - "On-Screen Keyboard".

7 Disconnect the keyboard from the computer or power supply.Take a flathead screwdriver and gently hooking, remove all keys.Space can not be removed because it is very difficult to put in place.Then soak the removed keys in warm soapy water.Leave to soak for half an hour.Remove them from the water, wipe with a lint-free cloth and leave to dry or dry it quickly with the help of a hair dryer with cold air.

Take a brush with small hairs and thoroughly clean the keyboard.Wipe with a soft, damp cloth every corner.Now you can put the keys back in their place.Connect the keyboard.She is ready to work.

keyboard cleaning process will take some time, but it is so nice to work in a clean and tidy keyboard.Do not forget before cleaning always disconnect it from the power supply.Accidentally pressing several "hot" keys while the computer may result in the execution of adverse effects.