November 13, 2016 00:05

How to recover accidentally deleted files .

Accidentally deleted files with the right information - very disappointing moment in the work on the PC, especially for novice users.There are several ways to restore them, however, 100% the result is not guaranteed.Windows system is unpredictable in this matter, but you can try.

guaranteed easiest option for your poteryashek - is the restoration of the basket, that is the object for temporary storage of files: deleted photos, videos, documents and other files with information..It fit I've found the usual method of removing "the Delete" button or the "Delete" command.

2 On the desktop, click on the icon "Basket" and if you find it exactly what removed to restore an object or all the objects at once.Files back to their original location.

3 If the deleted files, which contributed to the failure of the system, as well as the missing data by completely removing passed the basket and hid in the depths of a hard disk, then there will help them get a small and simple to use utility Recuva.

Buy a licensed disk for lost photos, of course, is not necessary.The program can be found on the Internet for free access.Use the search engine, if you are confident in the security of your PC from malicious software or download Recuva torrent.Portability will recommend the free version of this application.

The downloaded file is usually present instructions for installation, but in any case you need to run "application.exe) ยป.This utility is multilingual, but even if you will fall in English, then everything will be simple and clear.In the Setup window activate the file type you want to search for and recover.For example, this musical composition (music) and cartoons (movie).Next, choose the alleged place where they had seen the last time, for example, "Add to cart", click "Start".

search process has started, if you activate an in-depth search, it will have to wait a little longer.Before the eyes appear a little list of remote files.Arrange the desired check boxes, and restore to any location (optional).

Files deleted not so long ago, back without too much difficulty, but if you decide to track down the old information, even the most powerful paid utility to restore files may be powerless.Do not get pulled out of the system all - do not scold yourself!