November 13, 2016 00:05

How to change the usb port .

USB-connector - the most commonly used port.To it is connected a plurality of peripheral devices: USB flash drive, camera, mobile phone, printer and others.So often there is physical damage.It is possible to short-circuit the contacts, then the failure of the chipset South Bridge.The main reason for this behavior connector is its design and the material from which it is made.In such cases, do without repair motherboard USB-port or replacement.

Consider the USB-connector.If the contacts or bent connector tab is broken out, it is time to change it.Separately, the USB-port can not buy, then have to buy a USB-controller.To date, use the USB port version 2.0 - with a data rate of 480 Mbit / s;Version 3.0 - its speed 5.0 Gb / s.One controller is more than one port.

you bought your desired USB-controller, you must install it.Start with the fact that the disconnect any external devices and computer power.With the system unit cover, remove the mounting screws or latches.For the convenience of the
future work place the system unit on its side.In the bottom left side of the motherboard, locate an available PCI-slot, they are usually a few pieces and they are labeled PCI inscription.

3 Remove the controller from the slot with a faulty port and put a new one.He is put slight pressure, do not use too much effort.It is enough to fasten the controller to the slot and gently press.If these actions are carried out correctly, it is easy to enter.Secure the controller with the screws.

Without closing the system cover, reconnect the right to verify the port peripherals: keyboard, mouse, monitor.Turn on your computer, wait until the system load.The system automatically recognizes the new device and install the drivers for it.You can put the driver disk into the drive and install them from a disk.The disc comes with the controller.Restart the computer.

easiest way to test the set of USB-ports, connecting a USB flash drive.Insert the flash drive into the connector, work with it: write down the information, copy the files to your hard drive.If the computer recognizes the USB drive and the work is done, then the controller replacement was successful, and the ports are working.

6 You can now shut down the system cover.Turn off the computer, attach the cover mounting screws.You can connect to the system unit all disabled devices.If the USB-connector does not work and the computer does not recognize the flash drive, so you are not tightly pressed to the controller slot or poorly documented.You must repeat the installation.

If the port problem is repeated often, check the registry «LowerFilters» parameters or «UpperFilters», they should be removed.Open the registry, find the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Contro l \ Class \ {36FC9E60-C465-11CF-8056-444553540000}, remove the specified parameters.This registry change operation is dangerous to carry out, if you are an inexperienced user.Trust the experts.

Do not overload the USB port, if there is too much stress on them, they can burn.Carefully remove the plug from the socket, you can buy a USB-distributor and connected to a single port multiple devices.