November 13, 2016 00:05

How to use Photoshop .

was popular editor of graphic images is a snap when mastered.Perseverance and availability of time - this is your main helpers in this matter.We, in turn, will tell you about some of the possibilities of the most stable version of Adobe Photoshop CS 5 and draw a small educational excursion into the world of graphics through Photoshop.

first important point in the use of Photoshop - it's free space on the system drive.Our advanced editor is able to "eat" the computer's memory, and in large quantities.Make sure that the memory of your PC is not less than 1 GB, and to do this, click on the icon "My Computer", right arm and go to properties.

second feature in the image - this is a monitor with good color rendering.He is the key to beautiful pictures and drawings.Tablets, laptops and the like can hardly be compared with a stationary PC.

method of acquisition of the software is entirely rests on the shoulders of the user PC.The program volume and weighs more than 1 GB, even Portable -
a portable version that does not require a full installation.You can buy a licensed photoshop, and there are also lessons for beginners in some sets.Either download a pirated copy, but there may be problems with finding the product serial number.Be careful not to fall into the clutches of viruses that are actively distributed with this software.We recommend to use only proven torrent resource.

from acquisitions version of Photoshop program depends on the time of its installation on the PC.Full version - it is a long installation.A portable version of the editor allows you to quickly run even with the stick.The interface is almost identical to a particular case.One caveat: Look Russified version, with it you will hearken to the process faster.

So, Photoshop is running.At the top of the screen on the control click the "File" button panel, the "New" or "Open".In the working area of ​​the program will clean the window or window with the selected photo.To begin, start to experiment by clicking on the names of all available panels (tools, attributes palette, etc..) Can not spoil the program interface.Settings are returned by default if you start to press the three buttons «Ctrl + Alt + Shift»

We chose a photo for clarity, of a girl that you want to remove red eye effect, obtained using the flash.there is an elongated rectangle (toolbar) with numerous tools in the left part of the main program window.They can be divided: drawing tools, for correction, for the allocation of additional tools.Find tool "Red Eye."Click them one first pupil of the eye, and then on the other.Done!Save the "File", then select from the "Save as".Prescribes the name and select Format.

We can not talk about all of the editor tools, and in it there are all sorts of options, and palettes, filters and more.For the rapid development of buy photoshop tutorial on the circuit basis, you will not regret.With the sight of a book with clear examples, you hearken to the basics correctly because start from scratch.

also use the video lessons downloaded from the Internet (recommended torrent tracker), or by viewing the online video sharing on YouTube.To do this, just type in the search box, for example, replace the background in Photoshop.

In Photoshop has a secret - the editor loves the patient user.If at first you feel that the task is impossible, do not drop the lessons.Set aside for a while and then move on to the study.Learn Photoshop - get the opportunity to have a stable income without leaving home!