November 13, 2016 00:06

How to repair the USB- port.

on your PC or laptop USB-port can fail as a result of frequent use.When connected to the "do not see it," the device port of the computer, or the application does not work properly.First, you will be examined in the possible causes of failure: can not operate the device itself, USB-controller or the USB-driver.Therefore, the address will be different.Try to figure out on their own, acting on instructions.

The first thing that should be done in this case - to restart the computer.This is a simple, affordable "popular" tool, sometimes enough to make things work.

To specify which port is a problem, disconnect all USB-devices, including the mouse and keyboard.Then turn on your computer and waiting for a full load operating system, in turn, connect all the devices previously disconnected.If any of the USB-device creates a problem, then switch it to another port.The unit earned - defective USB-port does not work - guiltily device or USB-cable.

Very often the cause of failure of USB-por
ts is to damage the cable or connector.Look carefully for any obvious damage, chipping, scratches on the data elements.Inspect the interior of the connector and the USB-connector, blow, to remove dust or other contamination.It can be cleaned with a brush or a vacuum cleaner to blow.The cable must be always disabled.Damaged, strongly curved, strangled cable must be replaced.Cable Damage often occurs due to the fact that when the device is pulling for him, and not the connector.

port can not work due to overload when connected to the computer too much periphery.If you connect the device you are using a "distributor» - USB-hub, then exclude it from the chain and try to turn on the device directly.When it is necessary to connect only the device directly to the event of problems.

If does not work, you should open the Device Manager and update the hardware configuration.To do this, right click on "My Computer", open the context menu, select it in the "Management".In the "Computer Management" we click "Device Manager" / "Controllers USB».Then go to the tab "Action" / "Scan for hardware changes."If after updating you see "Controllers USB» - all is well.If not - go to the next step.

next step to resolve the problem - remove the USB controllers.As described above, go to the "Device Manager" and remove all USB-controllers, which will open in the list, or just the one around which is an exclamation mark on a yellow background.Remove easily after restarting the computer operating system will restore the deleted drivers.

If you have done all the steps of the instructions, and the port and does not work, then you have done everything possible, and remains a laptop / system unit to carry the service center, where you explain the reason for failure of USB-ports.Never attempt to make repairs the port by hand.