November 13, 2016 00:06

How to reinstall Windows.

Problems of suspension and operating system failures lead to its reinstallation.Take advantage of this issue by computer wizards - is to get the latest OSes, but rather to lose a lot of money.You can reinstall Windows on its own, of course, if you understand at least a little to the PC.for Windows 7 reinstallation procedure is as follows.

Transfer important information from the system partition (usually drive C) to another or to an external drive.Or use the service to store files (Yandex.Disk, Cloud Mail. Ru, etc.) on the Internet.

When buying a CD with computer attached with instruction.If your system is outdated (Windows Vista or HP), the pre-purchase Windows 7. considers it necessary - buy a licensed disk with the operating system.

As an option: borrow from friends, or download a pirated copy.Use torrent resource - it is the most secure against malicious software.On the tracker in the release program to subtract, how to write an operating system on a carrier.

Thus, the system is available, but you need to set the BIOS to boot from the disc.Restart the PC, use the buttons at startup of the system on the keyboard F1, F2, and others. Most often it is the key ┬źDelete┬╗.There is a boot - push it periodically.This opens a large blue box (not to be confused with a blue "screen of death").

In the BIOS, go to the section Advanced Bios Features, below First Boot Device and activate the [CDROM].Save the information by pressing F10.The computer will restart with the changes.Do not forget to insert the disc with the operating system drive.Press any key on the keyboard when you reboot, the system will "grab".

main part will reinstall, when installation of Windows 7 will be a window where it is determined to continue with the language for instruction - to select the type of installation.Choose a full install.

8 Select the partition to install the OSes, but keep in mind that the data Format.Wait a while until another main window, which come up and list the name of the system.

Then skip the window with input password and license key - these steps aside.The setting, use the recommended settings, then decide on the time zone, and the operating system in a few minutes will be fully installed.

Difficulties with reinstall Windows 7 appear in the case of a failed drive or incorrectly recorded on a carrier system, if there was an independent record of the image to the system on the disk, but in general everything goes fairly quickly and smoothly.