November 13, 2016 00:06

How to install a printer .

main information output to PC is carried out by the printer installation which usually takes professional installers copiers.This does not mean that the average user is not able to do everything himself.The main thing - to have an idea about how to install this device.

Checking Printer integrity, and availability of the necessary package instructions and set of cables - important elements that help in the further use of copying equipment.

copier model and brand of the manufacturer is necessary "to know in person."This information is required for the printer.

Push button Start and select from the list select "Devices and Printers", then click "Add a printer".If you are going to use multiple PCs and one copier, working on the network, add the network printer.However, we recommend that this point be left to experienced programmers.

In direct contact with your printer (do not forget about the power supply) to the computer via the cable will connect a local printer.Add a loc
al printer by choosing the selected port, follow the team on.Besides the list Select from the manufacturer of your printer, and of course, his model.

Installing drivers for the printer - a necessary step to connect."Have Disk" Push the button with the team.By purchasing the device, do not miss the opportunity to check for disk (it must be packaged) with the installation files.

If your computer has a permanent access to the Internet, most likely, the system will find the necessary drivers for your printer via the automatic update, in fact, the disc is not required.We expect some time.Drivers in the work, and we go further and come up with our name printed assistant, is also determined to share.Done!

new copier and updated system - are the key to a successful installation of the printer to the PC.If you have a new printer printing problem - often associated with drivers or breakdown of the printer, you will need to use the wizard.