October 08, 2016 23:04

How to choose a juicer .Tips for Choosing a juicer .Practical advice on the choice of juicers .What function should pay attention .

Fresh juice of ripe fruits and vegetables - a great way to maintain your health and the health of their loved ones.But the quality of the juice and the ease of manufacturing depends directly on the juicer.So how do you choose a juicer for regular home use?

First of all, before going to the store to better define: you need a universal (centrifugal juicer for all kinds of fruits) or a citrus press (apparatus for citrus).The main advantage of the universal domestic device is the fact that he copes with all types of fruits, berries and vegetables.If you prefer a family citrus juices, the citrus press you is fine.But the main advice of experienced housewives is: buy two juicers once.Firstly, really universal instrument does not exist, and secondly, a variety of juices - the best way to get the most vitamins.

determine the type of juicer, proceed to its technical characteristics.So, for the Citrus press is important not so much power as the ability to change attachments (for different fruit si
zes).Another important point - the possibility of nozzle rotation in both directions.This greatly increases the productivity of the unit (Tefal Prep Line or Scarlett SC-1011).

useful options to press the fruit and the presence of a measuring cup included (Braun, Zelmer, PHILIPS HR 1870/10).Another rare but very useful detail - the presence of the nozzle, which regulates the amount of pulp in the juice.

The universal juicers important element is the filter, which will separate the juice from the pulp of the fruit.The filter should be fine mesh, always made of durable metal.

useful presence in the universal juicer special nozzle for sensitive spin.Usually such attachment is called "screw" and can significantly reduce the amount of waste, thereby increasing the volume of the squeezed juice (Premium Press Trisa 7005).

Ideally, if the device is a wide opening for the bookmark fruit entirely.This significantly reduces the time required for preparation of juice (Bosch MCP3000).

relatively new, but very useful feature versatile juicer - blending different kinds of fruits, as well as juicing herbs (Moulinex Infiny Press Revolution).

One should pay attention to the basic functions: speed motor mode for soft fruits and hard fruits and vegetables, discard the pulp into a separate container, the direct filing of juice, and the ability to separate the foam from the finished juice, the system "drop-stop ยป(Zelmer CP2100, Clatronic ZP 3253).

Finally, it is important that your juicer "not afraid" dishwasher safe (Braun Multipress MP 80 and Philips HR1866).This means that its parts are durable and resistant to minor damage.

Take our advice and choose for yourself the perfect juicer.