November 04, 2016 00:02

Homemade bath for nail growth .Recipes home trays for nails

Pets baths - a useful and pleasant experience.Thanks to them, your hands will be a deserved source of pride, the skin regains elasticity, and nails - the health and length.Consider a few simple recipes from available ingredients.

Why nails exfoliate

This problem can have several causes.Main - is a lack of calcium in the body.Brittle, unhealthy nails say about the need to top up the diet of milk and derivative products, fish, nuts, green vegetables.Similar symptoms occur with a deficiency of iron or calcium.They are easy to fill out the liver, egg yolks, a decoction of the dandelion.You should also avoid direct contact with detergents and cleaning agents - Use thick rubber gloves during hand-washing, washing dishes, cleaning the bathroom, polishing furniture and other household chores.In addition, after a long contact with water is required to put on hands and fingernails especially cream.Damage can even nail extensions so popular.The procedure violates the natural breathing cover and can lead to

the appearance of the fungus.Of course, it is not recommended to chew nails.

2 Baths
polish with herbs

Natural natural substances of herbs - the best choice for radiant skin.For example, a perfect broth celandine young.Crush and pour a glass of hot water about 2 tablespoons of its leaves, add a tablespoon of sea salt, let stand for an hour.Keep nails in water up to 15 minutes, then apply a nourishing cream.Similarly, the use of plantain leaf, chop the boiled water and the bay.After cooling, add 5 drops of iodine on a half-glass and immerse marigolds in the 10 minutes.Repeat the procedure chosen every few days.Tablespoon series and mint 1 cup of water will act in the same way.

3 Baths with iodine and salt

Perhaps you've noticed how well looks like skin and nails after a seaside resort.And the reason is not only in the proper rest, but also a unique composition of sea water, which includes a lot of iodine and salt.They can be added to almost any tub, as well as use in isolation, without the other components:

  • iodine-salt bath: a glass of hot water + small spoon of 5% iodine + 3 large spoons of salt, and keep cool for 10 minutes.
  • Iodine and juice: 50 ml of warm water + 50 ml fresh orange juice + 3 drops of iodine, immerse for 10 minutes.
  • pure salt: water to 40 degrees or a quarter of the volume of salt, lower the fingers in the solution is still warm for 10 minutes.
  • For smooth nails: in the previous composition is added a teaspoon of vegetable oil.

4 Essential oils for manicured hands

very good aromatic bath with essential oils, which are looked after comprehensively as skin and nail plate.For this purpose, 300 ml of water use 5 drops of oil to the desired effect, for example:

  • lemon oil, frankincense, bergamot, patchouli from fragility and stratification;
  • eucalyptus, myrrh for transparency;
  • lavender, bergamot for brilliant, "polished" surface;
  • sandalwood, chamomile, rosemary, and inflammation of the burr;
  • olive oil, warmed in a water bath will also help strengthen the nails.

Surprisingly effective bath of seaweed or kelp.It is dried, ground into powder, mix with hot water in a ratio of 1: 3 and immerses nails 15 minutes.