November 05, 2016 00:02

Coffee wrap slimming .How to wrap a coffee .Making effective coffee body wrap at home.Features of the procedure , the benefits and contraindications .

Coffee - tasty and healthy product that is effectively used not only in cooking but also in the development of various cosmetic products.Some of them you can do it yourself at home.

Benefits of coffee in front of the other ingredients

First, drink completely natural, contains no preservatives or additives, other "chemistry", whose origin we do not know.Coffee beans are a rich source of vitamins and minerals, which, of course, will have on the skin a positive impact.Among other things, in the coffee are essential oils with exceptional antioxidant effect, nutritious polysaccharides, restores skin elasticity and healthy glow.As a result, we get a coffee wrap:

  • healthy, well-groomed skin of the whole body;
  • resilient, smart forms;
  • reduction of cellulite with its subsequent prevention;
  • recovery after rapid weight loss or pregnancy;
  • improvement in metabolic processes, as a result - the best food covers.

Preparing for wrapping

Virtually any type of wrap is easy to spend at home, instea

d of a beauty salon.It will be just as successful, if you follow simple and clear rules, which we describe below.It is best to take the coffee beans directly to ensure its authenticity and quality.Soluble coffee substitutes or mixtures cosmetic values ​​have little value.But care is convenient to use as a clean coffee "scrub" and its variations - with sea salt, Cambrian blue clay, honey, pepper, papaverine, and many other components.

hurry Not mixing coffee with water until smooth and creamy.First, the body must be cleaned.Take a hot shower to open pores, improve circulation, remove from the body sweat.Next, use the scrub, gently massage them problematic areas.Rinse and apply the latest evenly coffee blend.Wrap the treated areas in the film, and the top throw with a warm blanket or coat (if to be engaged in household chores).The mixture was kept on the body from 40 minutes to an hour after taking a warm shower and moisturize the skin cream.After not recommended:

  • eat - from 2 to 3 hours;
  • sunbathe or in the solarium - up to 6 hours;
  • to take a shower (no earlier than 8 hours).

effect of coffee wraps and precautions

desirable to carry out procedures once every few days, up to 12 sessions of beauty.During this time, the mixture does not only contribute to regeneration, skin regeneration, but also relieve swelling, reduce stretch marks, split the fats, preventing their deposition holds.In this type of wrap has its contraindications.It should not be carried out if there is a rash on the body, open wounds, suppuration, inflammation, fungus;cardiovascular and kidney diseases;tumors and other entities;during pregnancy or in the critical days;diabetes or varicose veins.

During wrapping sure to pay attention to their own sensations.If you are uncomfortable or unpleasant, immediately stop the process and rinse the mixture.