September 22, 2016 23:07

Rectal prolapse in a child .How to treat rectal prolapse in a child

Often small child after defecation begins to cry and complain of pain in the anus.In his examination, parents find a small protrusion in the anus.This reddish bump says that the baby coming out of the rectum or rectal prolapse.Let's see why this is happening and how to cure this disease.

What provokes rectal prolapse in a child

Rectal prolapse - displacement and vylezanija into the rectum distal wall of the body.The disease is common in children aged one to five years.Causes of rectal prolapse:

  • constipation, diarrhea, forcible retention of stool;
  • low fluid intake;
  • early planting baby on the potty;
  • increased intra-abdominal pressure due to stress abdominals when crying, hysterical, strong cough;
  • lowered function of the pelvic floor muscles.

First aid for rectal prolapse in a child

The child after a long sitting on the pot had the rectum, it is necessary urgently to the right.If this time does not make starts swelling and expression of the leaked parts of the intestine.

Actions parents:

  • Podmoyte baby chamomile broth, brew a liter of water 2 of the plant.
  • Wipe the baby and put it back in.
  • Lift and spread toward the legs baby.
  • Apply petroleum jelly nodule fallen and press with your thumb on the protrusion, removing it in the anal lumen.
  • After intestine portion will be fully into the rectum, turn the child onto his stomach, squeeze the baby's buttocks with his hands and pull off their diaper.
  • After half an hour, when the intestine is in place, remove the tie from the priests.
  • This action will save the child from the pain, but will not cancel a visit to a specialist.

How to treat loss

  • rectum Rectal prolapse is necessary to consult a surgeon or proctologist.The doctor will examine the child, identify the cause of the intestinal mucosa protrusion, prescribe treatment.It boils down to the normalization of stool, removal of inflammation in the anus, the restoration of the normal functioning of the intestine.The task of parents - to carry out all-purpose specialist to a complete cure baby.
  • Enter in the diet of fresh fruits, dairy products, vegetables, salads, dried fruit, unrefined vegetable oil.
  • engage with the child feasible exercise, perform special exercises to strengthen the muscles of the anus.Most walk with the baby in the fresh air.
  • Encourage your child to the daily bowel movement.Going to the toilet is a great kid should just lying, in order to avoid re-deposition of the mucous membrane.
  • Do sit-bath with a decoction of shepherd's purse and oak bark to relieve pain and swelling in the anus.Use to reinforce the walls of the anus douche directed jet in the crotch.After the procedure, insert it into the anus of any of these candles: sea buckthorn, belladonna, calendula.

Strict implementation of these simple rules have a positive effect: the rectum falls into place.Duration of treatment - from two weeks to several months.

perseverance and persistence in carrying out remedial measures.And your patience will pay off completely and save the child from the other, more complex methods of treatment.