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Mydocalm , instruction manual.How to apply Mydocalm

Mydocalm - a drug that is indicated for the relief of neurological syndromes associated with increased muscle tone, pain and trophic disorders.The drug is safe, has high efficiency, it does not affect the clarity of mind and courage.

How does Mydocalm

Mydocalm is a centrally acting drug.This means that it is "working" directly with the central nervous system - or rather, with the caudal portion of the reticular formation and peripheral nerve endings.Mikodalm also able to inhibit increased due to pathological process reflex activity of the spinal cord and activate peripheral blood.Due to this it has a muscle relaxant, Valium and membranostimuliruyuschim action.

When can help Mydocalm

ability to relax striated muscles, remove the pain symptoms and increase blood circulation in the periphery does Mydocalm effective against diseases that are accompanied by cramps, contractions, rigidity, hypertonicity:

  • in stroke, encephalomyelitis, myelopathy, multiple sclerosis, lesions of the pyramida
    l tract, the consequences of acute stroke;
  • in arthrosis of large joints, spondylosis, lumbar and cervical syndromes spondyloarthrosis;
  • with encephalopathy, manifested dystonia, includingLittle's disease;
  • with diabetic angiopathy nature, Raynaud's disease, obliterating thromboangiitis forms and arteriosclerosis, diffuse scleroderma.

also useful properties of the drug is often used in the schemes of rehabilitation treatment after surgery or trauma orthopedic areas.

When Mydocalm can hurt

Mydocalm not recommended for the treatment of infants under the age of 3 months, as well as people suffering from myasthenia gravis.Contraindication to the drug also acts hypersensitivity, including lidocaine, which is part of the ampoule form Mydocalm.
Increased sensitivity to Mydocalm can appear muscle weakness, headaches, nausea.Also, allergic reactions may be in the form of rashes and / or itching.The cardiovascular system may react to the drug hypotension.

How and how much to take Mydocalm

The drug is available in tablet form (50 and 150 mg) and in the form of vials for injection.Pills taken orally before a meal, the solution in ampoules is administered intramuscularly or intravenously.
Guide offers reception Mydocalm in the following dosages:

  • tablets: adults appoint 150-450 mg per day in two or three divided doses, for children up to 6 years old - at the rate of 5 mg / kg, from 7 to 14years - a rate of 2-4 mg / kg body weight;
  • solution: a dose for intramuscular injection - two injections of 100 mg per day, for intravenous - 100 mg / day.

avoid adverse reactions administration Mydocalm intravenous route is recommended to drip slowly.Younger patients are recommended only the tablet form of the drug at a dosage of 50 mg.

What else you need to know about Mydocalm

view of the fact that the data on the possible effect of the drug on the future of the baby not to use it during pregnancy is not recommended.

Mydocalm quite friendly Vzaimodeytsvie other drugs.It may be administered simultaneously without consequences c sedatives and opiates, as well as ethanol-containing medicines.general anesthesia drugs, psychotropic drugs, and peripheral muscle relaxants are the activator Mydocalm.

Mydocalm is quite complex drug that solves complex problems.Therefore, it should be administered only by a physician and taken only under its control.