October 16, 2016 23:06

How to choose a power supply for the computer .The main criteria when choosing a computer power supply

main components of a computer power supply, which depends on stable operation and durability of the entire system and the individual components.Unstable power supply may lead to frequent reboots the device, and then to the failure of the computer.Often when selecting a power supply buyers pay attention only to the power of the brand and the manufacturer.However, there are several parameters that should not get round.

Do not buy a power supply from unknown manufacturers.It is possible that they will not give the required voltage and, therefore, does not guarantee the reliability and stability.Well proven firm: Chieftec, Cooler Master, Hiper, SeaSonic, Corsair.

main point when selecting the power supply - power.A device with a weak power can not cope with peak loads and the system, its components may be damaged.Power selection depends on which category applies to the computer.For powerful office device components are not needed, so enough for 350-400 watts.Home computer with multimedia s
ystems will draw 450-600 watts.And for gaming PC need a powerful processor, top-end graphics card and power supply 600 watts and above.

The whole point of the power supply purchases disappear if it is not enough slots.On the motherboard there are connectors:
  • 4 pin - to connect HDD, CPU power;
  • 6 pin - to supply power to the graphics card;
  • 8 pin designed for high-end graphics cards are not all power supplies;
  • 15 pin SATA - to connect the SATA hard drives, CD-ROM.

The higher current value, the better.Weaker power supplies have a 16A circuit current, and powerful - and more than 50A.

PFC or power factor correction can be active or passive.When using active PFC coefficient value increases to 95% and passive - 75%.The first option is a quality.On the power supply usually indicates a PFC installed on it.

Sticker 80 PLUS confirms the high efficiency of the power supply.This certificate is awarded to model, pass an appropriate test and have efficiencies greater than 80%.But the absence of this sticker is not to say that it is not a quality power supply.It's just an extra little plus in the selection.

you selected power supply must be protected against over-voltage, overload and short circuit.

The degree of the power supply quality and says his appearance.Unnamed blocks of thin metal with somehow keep the fan grille can not last for long.In qualitative models fans must be fastened to the body and have a size of 120 to 140 mm.Also pay attention to the integrity of the wires and their length.

criteria described above - the main points that need focus.When selecting a power supply, keep in mind what are the main characteristics you will need when working on the computer.