How to shave your armpits .How to make a smooth armpits

Today not only women, but men often shave their armpits - it is hygienic and beautiful.To armpits resulting in a smooth and no skin irritation was formed, they need to shave, observing some simple rules.

Machine for shaving the underarms should be of good quality, better - known manufacturer.Together with the machine, prepare scissors with blunt ends and the gel or shaving foam.

shave armpits better while taking a shower, when the skin is completely steamed.If the hair under the arms industry strongly, first of trim the scissors.If this is not done, the long hairs are clogged between the blades and the machine will not be able to slide over the skin well.

about five minutes after the start of water procedures apply foam on one armpit.Raise your hand and hold it up to the weight of a minute and a half.During this time, the foam softens the hair well.Take the machine to the other hand and shave their armpit downwards, guiding the machine slightly towards the back.Do not too long passages of the machine - the best shave armpits short movements.This is due to the anatomy of the axillary space, which is a small cavity.If you try to shave the hair in one long passage, it is possible to cut delicate skin.After a full shave underarms hair rinse with water and visually check up absence of hair.Suddenly see several no shaving debris - repeat the procedure.

second armpit shave in the same manner as the first.The skin after showering and shaving well pat a soft towel (do not rub) and let it dry naturally.Once on the armpits, apply a soothing deodorant with Aloe vera, better ball and without alcohol.And, you can recommend a deodorant spray in the can, which includes talc.

Never shave armpits, taking a bath.In hot water to steam the skin is well and good hair sbreyutsya.But then the water will float unsightly traces of shaving itself.And in the soul shaved hair immediately wash off with water and do not settle on your body.