October 19, 2016 23:03

How to take the cedar oil .Admission oil of pine nuts

Cedar oil - traditionally Russian product, get it only by cold pressed pine nuts, so the oil retains all the advantageous properties.It is completely natural to get a chemical process, and it is impossible to fake cedar oil.This unique food supplement is recognized as the most valuable oil because it has a striking range of nutrients and medicinal substances.

The useful cedar oil

popular name cedar oil - means one hundred diseases.This definition is not received in vain, because the oil of pine nuts has beneficial effects on the body, improving circulation, starting the process of regeneration at the cellular level and removes harmful toxins.This is an excellent tool to support the body during epidemics of influenza and acute respiratory disease.The oil is very useful for children growth and development, as well as pregnant women.Cedar oil is used for the maintenance of beauty: it reduces wrinkles and improves skin condition due to high content of vitamin E. The total recovery slows down the agi

ng process, improve mood and hormonal levels.Secret versatile beneficial effects is the unique composition of the oil: it contains essential fatty acids (omega-acid), a plurality of different groups of vitamins and a set of macro-and micronutrients.

How to make cedar oil

Take oil for an hour or two before a meal at any time of the day.As a preventive measure - one teaspoon twice a day.For serious abnormalities in the body under a lot of stress and stress - one tablespoon twice a day.Oil guzzle courses for 20 days, repeat the course preferably at least two times a year.You can repeat a twenty intake every two months if you wish.Cedar oil tastes good and has a refined aroma, so it can be taken not only in pure form.Try to fill the salad oil or add cream cake, probably, cedar oil will like you as a culinary aid.


cedar oil has no age restrictions for use.The elderly, young children, pregnant and nursing mothers is, on the contrary, help to survive the heavy load periods.Recommended oil and the people working on the heavy or harmful work, experiencing frequent stress and nervous tension.And yet, there are rare cases of intolerance to this product, the probability of such an event - a million to one, but if you feel uncomfortable symptoms in the body after taking the oil, it is better to consult on this matter with the doctor-therapist.

Storage cedar oil

During the reception, cedar oil do not forget about proper storage.The composition of this product is very rich, it contains substances that decompose in bright light and heat, so oil should be stored in a cool, dark place at a temperature not exceeding 18 degrees.So it will retain all of the vitamins and trace elements and bring maximum benefit to your health.

regular use of cedar oil can quickly and easily cope with diseases and disorders in the body.It strengthens the nervous system, helping to deal with stress and stay in a good mood, keeps you young and beautiful, makes you feel better.The oil has a unique composition and is considered the most useful of oils and taste facilitates intake.Drink the oil in the indicated doses, add it into the prepared dish, and health will always be your faithful companion!