October 18, 2016 23:04

How to open Nokia Lyumiya .

Very often the owners of smart phones line Nokia Lyumiya come in confusion, if the task in front of them Postan open the phone and replace the SIM card, or put the memory card.These gadgets at first glance seem so monolithic and impregnable.However, if you go with the mind, then you will easily remove the cover with the Nokia Lyumiya.

1 Before you remove the cover, turn off the phone.Also, it must be disconnected from the charger, headset.It is recommended to stick on the touch screen protective film, otherwise you can easily scratch it.Take Nokia's hand, turning the front side facing you.You are ready!

first method of opening Novia Lyumiya follows.Push down on the top right corner of the smartphone, as a result of the manipulation occurs a small gap between the rear panel and the screen.That it should be placed in the thumb nail.Gently press to release the top clips and fold panel.Then you need to move to the upper left corner - and unfasten it.So you separate the cover from the main body
of the smartphone.Then gently lift the left part of the main body and remove the back panel.

second way to remove the cover.To release the top clips, click on the camera at the back.Try to gently lift the bottom panel of the phone, just proceed very smoothly, because the mechanism is fragile.The latch is located at the top of the phone.Remember that it is beyond repair.

Open Nokia Lyumiya can be in an unusual way.Find any suction cup, for example, off the hook for towels, attachment to the Registrar in the car.Suction cup with its help to the back cover of the phone.But not to the camera, in this case prisosetsya bad as it appears.Pull it.Keep the other hand on the side of the phone to remove the cover.

Remember that opening the Nokia Lyumiya, you can not use sharp objects - toothpicks, blade, pencils, pens, nail files, screwdrivers and knives.You can damage the sensor glass.You can not use the device to remove the back panel.