October 19, 2016 23:03

How to connect a bluetooth- headset to a laptop .

Bluetooth-headset is used for talking on Skype via laptop or listening to music using a wireless connection.To connect to a portable device uncomplicated operation Any user can execute.

Check of Bluetooth-module built into the laptop.This will not use a portable device ports for connecting adapter, and they are so few.Determine how Bluetooth is activated on your product.For information, refer to the instruction manual for the laptop.Turn on the unit.

2 Turn the headset, start in the acquisition mode.Translation Method device in this state is shown in the operating instructions sets, for each product it is individual.Connect to the internet and download the software to work with a particular headset.Install the program and restart the notebook.Open the "Start" then "Devices and Printers", click "Add a Device".The icon appears on the screen operating headset.

Click on the tag sets the left mouse button and enter the pairing code or password to open the window.It is written in th
e manual use of the device.The sound card management program, select the ¬ęBluetooth-headset" and make it the main the sound output.

If you have a microphone, go to "Control Panel", go to "Hardware and Sound", click "Manage audio devices" and find the right equipment.Then click the "Record", select the microphone and make it the default.Adjust the microphone and keep them functioning.Check it work with your settings.

If your laptop is not built of Bluetooth-module, use the adapter supplied with the headset.Connect it to a portable device, then install the driver from the disc that came with the headset.In the connected state of the adapter flashes, and the laptop screen is visible icon of the connected device.

headset can be found in the "Device Manager."Drivers are advised to update a specific operating system.No further configuration similar to items 1-4.

when working with Bluetooth-headset must be controlled to a laptop do not catch the wrong device.It affects the communication quality.