October 19, 2016 23:03

How to transfer data from a laptop to laptop .

Transferring files between two laptops can be carried out by carriers of any type, whether it is USB-drive or disk, but if the data is too large, then you arrange the direct transfer directly from one device to another.Let's consider some options for exchange of information between laptops.

exchange data via USB-drive.Record the files you want to use on another laptop, fleshechku by connecting it to USB-port, and then transferred to other portable device.

In case you need to exchange, for example, small in size Daddy documents, photos or short videos between notebooks, in different locations, use e-mail or store files on the Internet.Important information better to repack the archive under your password.

to transfer large amounts of information or too weighty files, create a local area network by physical connection of notebooks with a network cable and, if necessary, the adapter-adapter, which pre-buy in a specialty store.Please note that the built-in network card in laptops en
couraged not to spend some time at this point.

Turning off the Windows Firewall and go to "Network control center ...."In the setting of a local network, select the properties of the protocol «TCP / IP [v4]».Next, make active "Use the following IP-address", which make the data in the first row.Perform a similar action on other notebooks, only in the "Change adapter settings" last Tsiferki address change, for example, 20.

for wired data transfer from your laptop to laptop activate "Turn on network discovery" and "access to shared folders "through socket control:" network control center and ... ">" Advanced sharing settings. "Also open in the folder properties to access files.Further, the combination of «Win + R», which enter the IP-address of the second notebook line.Do not forget to configure the adapter to enter different numbers in a row IP-address.

6 Did not find the power cord, then try to take advantage of the wireless channel.We go through a socket management "Network control center and ..." then go to "Manage wireless networks".The command "Add" and create a computer-to-computer network.You will also need to enter a future network name and password.

transmit data, especially from removable media, making sure that the antivirus software timely updating antivirus databases and properly protects your portable device.