October 19, 2016 23:03

How to choose an e-book .

Increasingly, public transport users do not meet the hands of books and newspapers, and tablets or e-books.It has a logical explanation, because the main advantage of e-books is a light weight and portability.

eink technology (electronic ink) allows electronic books blikovat not in the sun, and this is their main advantage over smartphones and tablets.Moreover, the brighter the light, the easier to read such a book.But at the same time, if we want to read at bedtime, you need to either use the built-in light e-book, or include additional light sources.The weak point is the technology eink low image refresh rate.It does not allow e-books of this kind play a video.

Reader with LCD LCD-display is easy to cope with all the tablet functions.But when reading such comfort as eInk, can not provide.

most popular e-book has become a display diagonal of 6.7 inches.Diagonal reaching 10 inches, suitable for reading scanned documents or files.pdf A4.Displays eBooks on eink distinguished by th
eir fragility, so you need to handle them with care and caution.

4 Duration of charge in electronic books with eink technology is much higher due to the fact that the energy consumed in them only during the upgrade image.That is, in the process of page turning, instead of reading.Thereby significantly extended battery life of the device (a charge lasts from a week to a month).

Using advanced features such as communication via WI-FI or activation of built-in lighting, significantly reduces the duration of the autonomy of the device, and speeds up the discharge of its batteries.

Among the readers there are also models with a color LCD screen, they occupy an intermediate position between tablets and e-books on eInk, they are often called TFT.These models feature enhanced functionality at an affordable price.At the same time the sun will be difficult to read, and the autonomy of the device is significantly reduced.

With the advent of on the market a large number of low cost tablets android sense in purchasing e-books with LCD display is lost.So if you think that it is worth sacrificing the benefits eink-book readers for color display and enhanced functionality, you should choose a tablet.

To summarize, if the purpose of your purchase - a comfortable reading quality and long endurance, then definitely choose e-books on Eink.If reading a secondary role, and we are interested in many functions, including watching videos online - preferring the tablet based on the android.