October 19, 2016 23:03

How to choose an mp3 player .

One of the most popular in our time, the invention of mankind can be considered as mp3-player.And this is obvious, since it allows you to enjoy your favorite music without disturbing the people around.This gadget is indispensable in the way of public transport, when the time reaches the eternal and annoying noise.

Design - is often the deciding factor when buying a mp3-player.At the same time pay attention to the ease of use for our mounting: loop for the strap, belt clip, or perhaps it will just be in your pocket.Weight mp3-player should be small, form - preferably flat, streamlined.If the player is designed for musical accompaniment or jogging workouts should give preference to plastic case with rubber rim that qualitatively as possible to protect the connectors and buttons from moisture.

on most players is limited by the USB-cable for charging and data transfer with a PC and headset.Headphones do not play a decisive role in this purchase, you can buy them separately.Then you should ch
oose the vacuum with unbalanced cables.They will not fall out of ears for any jerk his head, and when we do not need - just hanging around his neck, is not thereby creating discomfort, no need to rush to thrust them into his pocket, and then painfully disentangle them.

By type of food all the players can be divided into two categories: a battery-powered and with built-in battery.Batteries give the weight of the player, lead to additional costs because they have to be changed quite often, but it has a huge advantage: no need to find an additional source of power.For models with built-in battery is important to know how the player holds a charge.The record time is generally 20 hours - Audio, 4.5 hours video plays, modern quality models are able to withstand without loss of more than 4,000 reel stands, after which the player will have to recharge often.

player Price varies mainly due to the recruitment of additional functions: in addition to the usual radio and voice recorder, can be supported by the tracker function.If the built-in speakers, you can use the player without headphones.Very convenient options are also Bluetooth and WI-FI for wireless data exchange.

volume of internal memory flash-player in most cases low, in view of this desirable slot for Micro SD memory cards from 128 MB to 64 GB.HDD-players are equipped with hard disk drive and can store from 1.5 to 500 GB of information.The price of them, of course, many times higher than the cost of ordinary players, but in addition to other advantages, they are more durable.At the same time with this type of player should do quite carefully as a stroke or other injury can cause serious problems.

Availability display is determined only by our desire.If we use only player in training, then there is no need for screen.If someone has to spend a long time in public transport, where it is easier to pass the time while watching an interesting movie, you should pay attention to the size of the screen, and the image quality, so as not to "break" his eyes, staring at the small screen.In addition, the video files are much "heavier" audio file format, so you'll have to take care of the memory increase.

And, of course, the sound quality - the most important factor determining the feasibility of this purchase.Test player in the store prior to purchase, whether the ear to perceive sound is nice.Compare several different in price and manufacturer players.The most high-quality in sound, according to reviews, is players from Cowon firms, Sony, TeXet, Ritmix.