October 22, 2016 23:01

How to speed up the metabolism for weight loss .Acceleration of metabolism for weight loss

Perhaps everyone who asked a question of weight loss, or vice versa set the masses, faced with a term such as metabolism and speed.Normal metabolism plays an important role in maintaining coordinated operation of the whole organism and in particular the process of weight loss.How to speed up metabolism and attain the desired shape faster?Here are some simple truths that can help you on the path of creating a figure of her dreams.


It's no secret that people in the 70% water, but for some reason, knowing this fact, very few people care about its replenishment.Our body needs clean water, and we ASIC him tea, coffee and soft drinks.Not only that much good that does not work, but even more dehydrate it and slows down the metabolism.For each person daily rate is different, you need to consider many different factors: age, weight, lifestyle, time of year etc.The average figure is 1.5-2 liters per day at a low level of physical activity.If any physical activity, this figure increases.

To simplify your calculation of water you drink, can just one hour and a half to drink a glass of pure spring water.Keep in mind that you can not drink during and immediately after a meal, becauseThis complicates the process of digestion.Conversely, only improve the digestion of food, drinking a glass of water half an hour before a meal.After eating any liquid drink no earlier than an hour and a half.

Healthy Food and split meals

You can eat the best food, but the weight continues to stand on the same mark.What's the matter?Contrary to the opinion of many that the diet needs to close his mouth and not to eat, things are quite the opposite.Any negative impact of fasting on metabolic rate.Eating is small, frequent meals: 3 main meals and 2-3 snacks.Serving size is advised to measure their own hands.No, do not eat with your hands, do not think, although it is an interesting tradition of certain peoples.It is believed that the size of our stomach by volume equal to the volume of our two hands.

In addition, it is necessary to conduct a serious audit of the contents of your refrigerator.Just send in the trash all the fast food: chips, crisps, fast food, french fries, etc.There also will head shoplifting sweets, sugary drinks, fried in deep fat with lots of salt.This is all that retains fluid in the body and slow down the metabolism.Instead, all the above add to the diet of more fresh fruits and vegetables: they saturate the body with vitamins, useful micro and macro elements, as well as fiber, thus helping digestion and the removal of all the excess from the body.

Physical activity

Do not underestimate the importance of sport in your life and especially in the metabolic processes of our body.During active training and just walking activates metabolism, and even after the end of the calories burned will continue.Useful both aerobic exercise and strength.When cardio activity such as running, dancing, swimming, tennis, is an active consumption of calories, with strength training it is less, but continues after the completion of training for some time.Muscles to ensure their vital functions require more energy than fat mass.Therefore, even at rest will spend more calories.In addition, during exercise increases production of the hormone of joy, reduced stress levels.So, choose the activity of the soul and enjoy the process.

Sleep and rest

rest and sleep contribute to the normal operation of all body systems.Perhaps, everyone knows how much he needs time to fully recover and function as actively as possible.With a lack of sleep the body tries to compensate for the missing energy from food, which in turn contributes to overeating.If you still do not take care of their daily rest, you should revise your mode and provide themselves with the necessary amount of sleep a night.


Any massages, whether relaxing or anti-cellulite, improve blood circulation and lymph movement.And this, in turn, not only improves the skin condition, but also speeds up the metabolic processes in the body.

Applying these simple tips, you will see the results not only in the form of lost kilos, but in the state of the whole organism.He will answer you with well-being and flourishing view.