October 19, 2016 23:03

How to replace the cover on the phone .

Phone refers to accessories which man always carries with him.As a result of long use of the panel and the keyboard may be damaged, or just lose a prestigious appearance.In order not to spend money on a new device, experts recommend replacing damaged parts, carrying out work in the following sequence.

Find out fundamental question is whether the housing team structure consisting of individual elements - display, microphone.replacement of individual elements of the apparatus is permitted only if such a construction.

2 Select the store panel manufactured for a particular phone model.Rate details locks, check the casting defects.Make sure the safety glass tight to the panel.Do not buy a fake - the original panel in quality is always superior to a fake, it can be seen visually.

Buy gloves and goggles, small screwdriver.Precautions are not superfluous: panel displays and are made of tempered glass, and rough handling, it may crack, and the glass will fall in the eye.

Prepare a well-lit, flat surface.To get dismantled small parts boxes.Turn off the phone and remove the parts that can be removed without a screwdriver - the battery, SIM card, memory card.

Determine method of fixing parts of the phone.When the threaded connection, unscrew the screws and fold into the prepared box.If parts of the body are secured latches, you disconnect the engagement with a thin pointed object.Working carefully so as not to break the hooks and loops devices.

On button model disconnect the edging casing, remove the front panel with protective glass.

If your goal is to replace the touch panel on a touch phone, remove it.It is often glued to the display, so soften the glue hairdryer and carefully remove the item.Do not direct hair dryers on display, it may burst.

When the touch panel is glued to the body, hair is not required.Detail of a knife and remove the inset.

Check adhesive state.If he stayed intact and has not yet cooled down, you can put a new cover on it.Decayed clean off the knife and apply a coat of new material.Connect the touch panel to the telephone jack.Monitor the installation of the new panel and the screen - frame display must exactly match up with protective glass.

Assemble the phone in the reverse order.Check correct assembly of the product - on the touch screen when you press the number or letter should appear similar sign.If necessary, calibrate the phone.

When replacing the keypad after disconnecting remove the keyboard from the old parts and move onto a new one.Secure chip and screen, microphone, speaker.Connect the panel and enclosure screws.

much easier to replace the panel on the devices on which the manufacturers originally envisaged such an operation.Details such products are mounted on the latch when removing them back down and change the old to the new element.

Replacement of the telephone panel does not require experience and professional skills, this procedure takes only 15-20 minutes.Self replacement would save time to visit the shop and money to pay for the work.