October 19, 2016 23:03

How to choose headphones to the phone .

Headphones to mobile phones are the subjects that people often carry with them, along with a telephone and a clock.These devices have made music available anywhere.Products supplied with telephones, low quality, will soon fail.When choosing a new headset should understand the design features and operating characteristics of the device.

Earphones are compact, easy to carry.They can be placed inside the ear canal, or attached to the pinna.

The first is often called vacuum, they are firmly placed in the ears, do not miss the background noise.Good headphones are supplied with replaceable tips made of soft material to eliminate the inconvenience in use.

devices installed in the ears, are fixed in different ways.If you have long hair, buy a device with a fixation on the ear, so hair does not spoil.In winter, when wearing a hat, use shackles around his neck.Athletes are recommended special device with ergonomic mounting, does not fall during training.

Canceling Headphones top head cover.They are qualitatively reproduces music.The plates should be finished in soft materials, the ears do not go beyond the cup.Dimensions arches should be regulated.

Choose headphones with a special box to store the headset.This will solve the problem with clutter.Also, do not confused flat wire formed as a telephone wire.

Check the length of the wire, it should be enough of an alleged phone's location to the ears.For phones are usually supplied headphones with the wire length does not exceed 1.5 m.

Wireless systems are easy to use, but the sound quality they worse and they require special operating conditions.Bluetooth headsets act if between the phone and headset are not more than 10 m. Models with IR-sensors must be within the phone's visibility.Professional in-ear headphones are very expensive.

Headphones for mobile phones should have high sensitivity - 100-120 dB.Low values ​​will distort the sound, give high hiss, but will provide a large volume.

Check frequency range.MDE format in which recorded the majority of musical works, devoid of high frequencies.The optimum frequency range - 20-16000 Hz.

Learn headphones electric resistance and compare with the output impedance of the phone.Consistent resistance will provide maximum volume and sound quality.

Learn harmonic distortion.This quantity is on the product packaging.Good quality in products by a factor of less than 0.5%.If the data can not be found, then the manufacturer has something to hide.

Ask a power output of the speaker products.The higher it is, the brighter and more juicy sound.However, powerful devices (MW 2000-3000) is quickly discharged phone batteries.

Price does not always determine the quality of the headphones.Try before you buy a headset.Purchase only the model that you like, with this purchase, you will feel comfortable.