October 19, 2016 23:03

How to disassemble the rear hub .

Every owner of a bicycle knows: if the "two-wheeled friend" began to creak like an old wardrobe, it's time to disassemble and clean the back of the sleeve.How to do it correctly, you can learn the following type of detailed instructions.

1 Remove the bicycle rear wheel.Thoroughly wash it under running water to when removing the rear hub did not get sand or dirt.Then remove the tape carefully.To do this, use the following tools - puller cassettes (to unscrew grooved nut) and a drawbridge or a ring spanner (using one of the keys you need to rotate the stripper).

When disassembling the rear hub you will remove the fine details.So they do not get lost and do not "run away", podstelil advance under the wheel of a sheet of paper or canvas - so all parts are in place and not get dirty in case of a fall on the floor, and during the assembly will not have to mess around in search of the necessary element.

Start removing the rear hub on the left side.To begin, remove the rubber boot (if ava
ilable).Locate the lock nut and the cone.At last there are two flat cut a cone wrench.Using this key (most suitable tool for 15 mm) hold cone spanner (tools 17 mm) at this time loosen the locknut.

4 Remove the lock nut and washer with all axis.By the way, the number of different bushings and washers, and their size may vary.An important caveat: removing parts, put on the axle, be sure to memorize the order that in the future (during assembly) does not confuse.It is safest to arrange them in a row on the paper or canvas.

Next tapered cone wrench, unscrew and remove it from the shaft.On the right side (in the place where the ratchet) gently pull the right-hand axis of the cone.Be careful, because of the sleeve, for sure, sprinkling bearing balls.Now evaluate the amount of grease in the bearings if it is sufficient and it is clean, put into place and start the bushing axis adjustment.

If grease or dirty her little, gently pull out with tweezers bearing balls of the sleeve (if, of course, not enough sleep yourself).On each side of them, usually at 9-10 units.There are rear hub, where the bearing balls are in a special cage separator.In this case, the entire clip is removed.

then soft cloth, pre-soaked in kerosene, carefully wipe the hub shell to remove the old grease.Small metal parts (cones, balls, pucks) wash in kerosene, then dry with a clean cloth.

following the steps above, do the job, as the dismantling of the rear hub will be able to even a novice cyclist.