October 24, 2016 23:01

From what appear papillomavirus .Causes of warts

papilloma - benign growths on the human body.There are about 600 varieties of papilloma viruses.This virus is the cause of small growths on the skin and mucous membranes.In this article, we'll find out, from what appear papillomavirus.

1 infection through blood

If you have never had similar elements on the skin, it is possible the emergence of papilloma virus infection is associated with.Pay attention to their sexual life, usually these microorganisms transmitted during unprotected sex.In addition, HPV is passed from mother to child through the birth canal.It should be noted that it is not always an infected person sees in his characteristic bulging body formation.Only a small part of the papilloma virus causes changes in the skin.

Going to the dentist and a gynecologist can cause the appearance of warts on the mucous membranes and skin.That is why take it with a one-time observation set to the gynecologist.Ensure disinfection of instruments in the dental office.If you have cold sores on the li

ps or in the mouth stomatitis, put the trip to the dentist.

Microtrauma contact method and

contracted the virus and possible household by microtrauma through the skin.Therefore, if an infected person is living at home, it is advisable to use disposable plates on the toilet and do not have to the same dish, because the virus through saliva is also transmitted.In addition, scientists believe that there are women who take oral contraceptives are at risk.Smoking also triggers the appearance of papillomas.

Sexual transmission

If you do not have a regular sexual partner, use a condom and always every 6 months for HPV Pap.In identifying the virus should determine its type, and whether it belongs to the oncogenic.If HPV is dangerous, you have to hand over a smear cytology, to ensure that no cancer cells and dysplasia.

Oncogenic virus types

If you notice a papilloma on mucous membranes or on the genitals, seek medical attention.Such symptoms may be a prerequisite for the emergence of cancer.It oncogenic types of HPV (type 16 and 18) cause dysplasia and cervical cancer.Banish foreign residents from the body will not be able, but to improve the immune system and remove the display as possible.To do this, the doctor appoints antiviral and immunomodulatory drugs.

Pregnancy and papilloma

When planning a pregnancy be surveyed for the presence of HPV.If the laboratory detect markers of the virus, it is necessary to undergo treatment to the child while passing through the birth canal is not infected.It is best to start of sexual activity to be vaccinated (Cervarix) against HPV, which causes cervical cancer.In such a case, even during sexual intercourse with an infected man, you will not become infected with the virus.

Remember papilloma do not appear by themselves, they are responsible for the presence of HPV in the body.Oncogenic types in the blood cells and alter DNA.Simple papilloma do not penetrate into the DNA, and affect only the skin.