October 19, 2016 23:03

How to connect the capacitors .

For starters, electronics assembly at any improvised device may have problems with the capacitor connection.After all, even the avid electronics lover may not be on hand with the required nominal value of the capacitor, especially when you need to urgently repair the appliance.From the current problems easily get connected in series or in parallel several capacitors.


  • capacitors;
  • voltmeter;
  • wire;
  • clippers.

If you consistently connect two capacitors with equal capacities, the result is a total capacity with a lower value by 2 times, and the tension - will increase.In actual cases, a series connection circuit is rare, mainly in the high-voltage power sources.

for low-voltage power supply is applied parallel connection, as this is smoothed ripple.The total capacitance of capacitors connected in parallel will be folded and voltage - a voltage equal to the value of the capacitor which has a smaller setting.For example, there are three capacitors of 30 microfarad 100 V and are con
nected in parallel.The value of the entire set will be calculated: 90 uF * 100.

There is a combined method of connection - series-parallel, which is extremely rare.To calculate the total circuit capacitance is divided into several sections and calculating each separately.

to connect the electrolytic capacitors must take into account the polarity.In parallel mode negative terminal of the capacitor must be connected to the negative terminal of the other.Sequential - minus the positive cable.

the rated voltage should be considered when joining capacitors.If one of the capacitors will be smaller with a nominal voltage, it is likely, in the near future, the device will fail.

Connect capacitors only when they are completely disconnected from the other elements of the scheme.Connecting wires insulated wires.After any connection and disconnection operation check with a voltmeter.

For a composite capacitor try to take the same type capacitors, and if possible - that a single party.The capacitors are ceramic, film, metallized, mica.