November 17, 2016 00:06

Floating - relaxation in weightlessness .What is Floating

60 years ago John Lilly created unusual invention, its supposed to be used for the study of human reactions, which is isolated from the sensations, in other words - is in a state of weightlessness.The device was named float capsule (English to float -. Float) and was originally prepared in device astronauts before flight to Earth's orbit.Now, the invention uses a simple vengeance « mortal « , because it has a number of exciting features.

Floating - effective means exit into a meditative, relaxed and creative state.The essence of the procedure is that you are immersed in a special float capsule - pool, which is isolated from any source of light and sound.In the pool with water to a depth of 25 centimeters dissolved Epsom salts (about 30%), which has « property push « objects on the surface of the water. Its concentration is higher than Dead Sea, and it allows your body to « soar « on the surface of the water without any effort.

water and air temperature
is about 34,8 - 35,5 degrees Celsius , which significantly enhances the feeling of antigravity.

client decides to stay with an outdoor swimming pool cover or close it , was left in total darkness.You can also choose silence or any relaxing music, sounds, noise and other effects.

Most clients are so relaxed that literally falls asleep in the first minute of your stay in float capsule .Drown in this impossible - your head in any case will be on the surface of the water as on the bed.

Sensory deprivation or absence of any external pulse world - feeling, similar to that which each of us had, being in the womb.The effects of such a state impressive: relieve muscle tension, nervous disorders, phobia therapy, stress, creativity, imagination, detoxification, cleansing, improving the condition of hair , anti-cellulite effect.In addition, stay in float capsule - a great way to enter into a meditative state.Also Floating shows pregnant for the most complete unity and contact with the child for complete relaxation, which often lack the expectant mothers.

Floating improves performance and perception.This does not mean that from float capsule geniuses go, but the process of memory after visiting floatariya definitely become easier for you.

Floating helps the body to eliminate the problems of physical and psychological nature.Man only 85 % uses his abilities and energy.Stay in float capsule allows to unlock the potential of human « self-healing « 100 % .

This procedure is widely used adherents of alternative medicine to combat various dependencies, in particular alcohol and drug.Because in the process of floating person is able to take another look at your body and review the habits and dependence.Also addition, Floating used by professional athletes to enhance performance.

There are several contraindications to of floating procedure.This skin disease, skin injuries, infectious diseases, inflammation of the ear, complications of pregnancy, mental disorders, epilepsy , serious diseases of the cardiovascular system and respiratory tract.It is also forbidden to carry out procedure in a state of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication.

Today there are thousands of floating centers in the world that can not only relax and rejuvenate, but also to find the way to himself by immersion in own I .