November 03, 2016 00:02

Low body temperature , what to do .What caused the decrease in body temperature

Low body temperature can be a sign of a serious illness, so with this symptom is best to consult a doctor.But if it appears long and is not accompanied by severe discomfort, you can learn at first briefly, from which arises a similar condition.What to do with the lowered body temperature and the reason - we will learn below.

Even at a temperature of about 29-30 degrees man is quite capable to lose consciousness and fall into a coma.But more often we can experience the negative effects of stress and fatigue as the temperature is lowered to 35-35.5 degrees, accompanied by lethargy, drowsiness, lack of motivation to work or any other activity.However, in rare cases, if the patient feels well and the medical examination showed nothing, 35.5 is considered to be an individual physiological features.In addition, if the thermometer kept in the right armpit, t will be slightly lower than the left.When measuring through the oral cavity - is slightly higher in rate of up to 37 degrees.

body temperature varies throughout the day, while the beautiful half of humanity - also in accordance with the ovulation cycle.Immediately after waking up or before measuring the temperature is not necessary, because the body is preparing to go to rest or have not yet come out of it.Below is just t about 6am.Here are some reasons for a possible downgrade:
  • stress, excitement, unexpected news;
  • poor nutrition, physical exhaustion;
  • lowered immunity and vitamin deficiencies;
  • surgery or long-term treatment.

Consult your physician is necessary if symptoms are not held for 2 days.The doctor may do an electrocardiogram and a blood test to send, and then make their expert opinion.In the more dangerous cases, you may need to consult an oncologist, endocrinologist and other specialists.In any case it is better not to delay and to identify the disease at an early stage.And sometimes you can not trite to note that cold.Try to dress warmly and to test this conjecture.Also the reason of decrease in body temperature can have a detrimental effect of alcohol.Namely - it is long and excessive consumption.

How to improve your own body temperature?Of course, the conversation is not about "intoxicating" beverages.You can only become a chair and warm up, do some exercise, straighten your back and deep breathe steadily.Sometimes massage will help to relax and bring health back to normal.Surprisingly, it reduced body temperature, along with irritability, headache and nausea ready to serve as a symptom of pregnancy.But some serious diseases, the manifestation of which is the lowest temperature:
  • liver disease or adrenal glands;
  • diabetes;
  • hypothyroidism (thyroid disease);
  • hepatitis C;
  • anemia;
  • carbon monoxide poisoning, mercury compounds or heavy metals;
  • porphyria;
  • hypoglycemia;
  • pneumonia;
  • blood poisoning;
  • parasitic infections.

Children and toddlers often happens that cold notes first drop in temperature, and then increase it.Treatment with the recommended standard - a warm blanket, drinking plenty of fluids and hot-water bottle.Rubbing best avoided.

As we have seen, a decrease in temperature can mean different things - from harmless fatigue to serious illness.Therefore, in order to maintain your health, consult with a specialist about every wave you have a problem.Diseases identified at an early stage, usually go fairly quickly and painlessly.