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Tincture mushroom - use .Instructions for use tinctures mushroom .Areas and methods of using the mushroom infusion .What should pay attention to.

Tincture of red mushroom in traditional medical practice it is used for hundreds of years, has a number of healing properties: anticonvulsant, antispasmodic, antibacterial, anticancer, anti-inflammatory and other.The reason is that in addition to alkaloids (muscaridine, muscarinic), muscimol and bufotenine red mushroom contains trimethylamine, serotonin, muskafurin, potassium salts, choline.With this infusion is necessary to strictly follow the prescribed dosage as it is fraught with excess poisoning, CNS and peripheral nervous system, paralysis, coma.Consider the basic methods of preparation and use of tincture of mushroom.

Use mushroom as a remedy should be under the supervision of a specialist, especially when simultaneous reception of drugs, because many of them are not compatible with the active substances of this fungus.It should be noted that the majority of doctors of traditional medicine for internal use include tinctures mushroom extremely negative.It is advisable that, in their opinion
, only in severe stages of oncological diseases, coupled with the classical methods of treatment, and that, when correctly chosen scheme.Outside the application of mushroom extract is allowed, but subject to the security rules and proportions.Keep in mind that the regular consumption of mushroom in a different form can lead to drug dependence.

Folk same doctors prescribe the means of fly agaric in different types of cancer (especially the pancreas, brain, stomach, leukemia), diabetes mellitus, epilepsy, tuberculosis, eczema, sclerosis, cuts of different etiology, diseases of musculoskeletal-dvigatelnogo apparatus.Remember, after or between courses of therapy fly agaric need to drink during the week chelators (Zosterin, smectite, Mikoton, Enterosgel).Raw or finished tincture buy only from reliable herbalists.With self-blank, note that you should not take amanita pantherina and damaged red cap mushroom use only previously eliminating them from the bottom plate, preferably before cooking to sustain their day in the cold.

Before preparing tinctures oral mushrooms rinse, broke every hat into three or four pieces, put in a glass container (do not use metal), pour pure alcohol or vodka at a ratio of 1: 1 so thatliquid one to two centimeters covers raw materials, roll up the cover and store it in a light protected cool place.Depending on the desired degree of concentration expose from two weeks up to six months.Then pull out the container mushrooms, strain the infusion, pour it into vials of brown glass.For external use is better to use the pressed juice of five mushrooms, diluted with half a liter of vodka, insist his fortnight.

Take this tincture inside for cancer and severe course of the rest of pathologies recommend half a teaspoon before breakfast, course duration is calculated individually.Or under the scheme: since one drop per 200 ml of water every day to add one drop, bringing their number to ten, on the eleventh day should reduce their number in reverse order, that is, on the twentieth day consume one drop again.With arthritis, osteochondrosis, arthrosis infusion should be rubbed into the localization of pain for a week on a daily basis.Or to put compresses of infusion, mixed with sour cream for 2-6 hours, then wash off.

Remember that mushroom tincture in any way is not a panacea by any disease.Before its use, always consult with your physician.