November 05, 2016 00:02

Fennel slimming .The use of fennel for weight loss .Methods of Use fennel diet .

Fennel is used mainly in cases where the liquid is retained in the body, which is one of the causes of excess weight.But fennel has other beneficial properties also contribute to weight loss.

As fennel helps to lose weight:
  • vegetable stimulates the metabolism.It is very important for people who want to keep fit after 35 years, as this period intensity of metabolism decreases.
  • Fennel is good for the nervous system and calms it, that allows to reduce the "nervous appetite."Fennel also affects the well functioning of the pancreas.It was noted that when systematic use of the blood sugar returns to normal.
  • Fruits vegetable is recommended to use for people who want to reduce the waist.They improve the recycling process and removal of food from the body.
  • Fennel is very light and low-calorie vegetables, so its introduction in your diet will really help to lose weight.In addition, it is rich in vitamins and fiber, which is very good for health.
  • To reduce appetite, enough to chew fennel seeds.

Tea Fennel:
  • Option 1: Take 2 tsp..dried fennel seeds and mix them with 1 ch. crushed stalks.Then add 20 g of corn silk and 1 ch. tea.These ingredients in combination contribute to a decrease in appetite.The resulting mixture can be used as a conventional welding.If you take a drink before each food intake, appetite will decrease markedly.
  • Option 2: Take the fennel seeds and mint leaves (all dry).The proportions should be the same.Put the ingredients in a saucepan and add 3.5 cups of water.Then put it on a small fire for 20 minutes.When everything is ready, strain the liquid, let it cool and drink 200 ml 3 times a day.Mint also contributes to weight loss, so it is a combination of herbs can not be true.

salad of fennel.Take the bulb fennel, chop it and podsolite to taste.Then, squeeze a bit of lemon juice and sprinkle them a salad.Add a little olive oil to taste.If you love avocados, put in a salad a bit of his flesh into small cubes.Instead of avocados, it is permissible to use other light vegetables, black pepper and spices.If you replace one of the daily meals so easy and satisfying salad, then reduce caloric intake by 25%, which subsequently affect the fine figure.

Fennel oil.It can be used for outdoor applications.It is perfect for massage, especially when combined with essential oils of neroli, lemon and lavender.Rub oil massage movements to the main problem areas: thighs, stomach and buttocks.If you carry out this procedure regularly, then get rid of subcutaneous fat deposits, toxins and stretch marks.

Choice fennel.To weight loss process to be effective, it is important to choose the right vegetable.Pay attention to its tuber.It should be sufficiently hard and have a light green or white color.At the ripe vegetable leaves are endowed with a pronounced anise flavor.Fresh fennel should be kept in a cool place not more than 3 days.

Remember that the use of fennel as a diuretic useful in all cases.Tea Fennel is contraindicated in people with kidney disease and urinary system, because when receiving the load on the system increases.But the use of fennel is safe in fresh form.