November 18, 2016 00:07

How to erotic massage .Erotic massage for men .In this article you will learn how to prepare and make erotic massage man .

you want to diversify sex life, to refresh and strengthen the feelings?Make your loved one an erotic massage!This kind of intimate game in which gentle touches alternate with teasing kisses, does not require special skills.It is enough to know a few little secrets, which we describe in this article.

Erotic massage requires a certain atmosphere - to create an intimate atmosphere and complete relaxation light a candle or nightlight, turn softly to quiet music.In advance take care of the appropriate dress (beautiful lingerie, corset and stockings - underline and apply) and "short" manicure (to perform massage with long nails and uncomfortable and not safe - you can accidentally claw nail partner and hurt him or hate).

to massage became mutually enjoyable process, help yourself and your loved one to relax mentally and physically: offer partner a glass of your favorite wine, treat him snacks (discard the fatty foods in favor of fruit and cheese slicing and saladseafood).At this stage, the mai
n thing is not to overdo it - otherwise planned massages can quietly grow into intimate gatherings.

Intimate massage does not tolerate hustle and bustle!After a light meal take joint warm bath or shower (this procedure will set a romantic mood, helps liberated and dismiss disturbing thoughts), make partner gentle sliding motion massage the head and body.Then navigate to the bedroom.The most convenient way to perform erotic massage on a hard surface, so if your bed or sofa is too soft, you must first roll out a thin blanket on the mat.

Remember that your task - not only make a nice partner, but "fire" him.Soft sliding touch may "lull" of a loved one, and instead you get a fabulous continuation of the strong sweet sleep in each other's arms, so light and gentle movements alternate with more intense.During erotic massage you can use different attributes (blindfold, soft feathers, silk scarf, melted chocolate, ice cubes and whipped cream).Be creative, but at the same time observe the reaction of each partner in the "innovation" and listen to his wishes.During the massage, cover the body of a loved one light kisses and as if by chance, touch his hair.

Getting erotic massage, warm up in the palms of a few drops of special massage oil.It can be purchased in a drugstore or cosmetic store or do it yourself (in a small container, mix 3-4 tablespoons of olive, peach or almond oil and 2-3 drops of essential oil of citrus, cypress, cinnamon, jasmine, sandalwood and patchouli - they haveeasily excited aroma).

Ask the other half to lie down on his stomach.Start the massage with hands.Gently knead each finger, then rub the palm of your hand - the thumb first, and then - with the back of the wrist.Then gradually move to the back - move from the neck area to the lower back by changing the intensity of the taps.Reaching the buttocks, gently, but quite vigorously mash them.Then ask your partner to roll over on his back - it's time to do the belly and chest.Gently kiss the navel and gently caress the nipples with your fingers.Movement in these areas should be light and sliding, and touch - virtually weightless!Delicately ignoring the genital area, first rub vigorously thigh, and then - gently pat them.Then pay attention to the calves and feet.Gently massage each finger - your partner will be delighted with such touches!

Erotic massage - a true "man-made" art, which does not accept the universal art.Forget about the complexes, experiment and trust your own intuition - and then your loved one will receive from the intimate massage an unforgettable experience.Let your sex life will sparkle with new colors!