November 18, 2016 00:08

How to get rid of cellulite on legs .How to remove orange peel down

Why only women's nature has bestowed cellulite?Probably because rarely a man will make great efforts to his legs and buttocks were firm and beautiful.And all, without exception, the women will not sleep at night, to make her legs and spicy roundness groomed and attractive.If you have cellulite on the legs appeared, then this article - for you.

traditionally get rid of cellulite with a variety of massages (manual, vacuum, ultrasound).Tech Today is a great set to choose should be on the testimony or even learn to do this massage yourself.The main thing that with the help of an external physical impact subcutaneous fat began to disperse.But in addition to massage, cellulite on the legs and help other methods.

Getting rid of toxins that clog up the body and thus create a favorable environment for fat deposits.Excellent help to lose weight, and thus get rid of fat, activated carbon, and herbal teas.One of the recipes:
  • Licorice root;
  • fruits of fennel;
  • Flowers elderberry;
  • birch leaf.

All take in equal proportions, and stir one tablespoon of the mixture pour a glass of water and boil for 10 minutes.Then cool, strain and drink in small portions throughout the day.Course - 2 weeks.

If set about cleansing the body, then it's time to get rid of bad habits: stop smoking and drinking alcohol.And of course - to start correctly and balanced feed.

Water - the main enemy of cellulite.If you can, then you need as much as you can swim (in the river, the sea, the swimming pool).You can do akvoaerobikoy or undergo underwater massage.And water should be consumed inside, and not less than 1.5-2 liters daily.And always with lemon juice, which actively breaks down fats (affects the presence of vitamin C).

Physical activity - running, jumping, squatting, jumping rope, a variety of stretching exercises.The most effective method of cellulite on the legs will be cycling and skiing.

All your favorite SPA-treatments: thalassotherapy (algae wrap), application of marine mud, chocolate, a variety of peels and scrubs.In any salon today, there is a special anti-cellulite programs, which will help in the short term to remove cellulite on the legs.

If cellulite on legs running, apart from all of the above methods, it makes sense to buy the anti-cellulite underwear - tights, stockings or socks.Sale of these products in pharmacies, and help fight fine orange skin on the feet.

Cellulite - is a problem that must be solved complex measures.One massage or one drinking plenty of water will not give result.So keep a healthy lifestyle, play sports, go to the SPA-center.Find a good masseur or buy a special massage device for home massage.When get rid of cellulite, you keep your feet in this beautiful state - do not let the orange peel back again.