November 07, 2016 00:02

What to do in sprains .How to treat a sprain .Symptoms of sprains , first aid , treatment and prevention .

Musculoskeletal system consists of human muscles and ligaments that connect the bones to each other.The fibers of the connective tissue - ligaments - form joints and test load in motion.That is why sprain - a common injury during intensive sports, jumping.Any damage to the ligaments in the joint called the stretch, but they may overstrain, stretch or tear.Coping with stretching with proper and timely treatment is simple enough, though it is painful and dangerous injury.

main cause of tension - a sharp unbalanced load on the joint.Most often suffer from tension joints of the feet and hands, but sometimes other joints and ligaments.The ankle is injured in the ice, while wearing uncomfortable shoes, unsuccessful landing at a jump.Symptoms of sprains - pain, swelling, limitation of joint movement, bruising may occur.

Depending on the severity of the injury, there are three degrees of sprains:
  • I degree - a slight sprain, minor ligament tears, the victim feels a slight pain during movement o
    f the joints, swelling is not observed.
  • II degree - tension with a partial ligament anguish.There is pain in the joints, swelling, increasing the temperature of the surrounding tissue.
  • III degree - strong tensile, tear or detachment of the joint ligaments.A person can not move the limb due to the severe pain, there is swelling, hematoma.In severe injuries dizziness, loss of consciousness, fever.

3 In the case of severe ligament injuries should immediately consult your doctor.Perhaps stretching accompanied by bone fracture or dislocation.In the case of a small stretching treatment is carried out as follows: the victim is necessary to immobilize the joint, apply a bandage fixation and ensure peace.Immediately after the injury to the injury site apply ice, wrapped with a cloth, it will remove and reduce the swelling.Applying ice should be the first day, for 10-15 minutes, with breaks for half an hour.If the pain is severe, you can take analgesics or analgesic ointment to lubricate the joint.

On the second day stretching treat hot compress, warm baths and ointments in conjunction with the fixing bandage.Good folk remedies to reduce swelling and treat stretch - compresses on the night of raw potatoes or raw onions with salt.The doctor may prescribe anti-inflammatory ointments, such as diclofenac, indomethacin.If a strong tension is also possible appointment of the common non-steroidal drugs.

Remember that during the treatment of sprains contraindicated exercise, joint needs rest and immobility.If the injury is severe, accompanied by general malaise, pain persists for several days, immediately contact to the hospital.Some serious damage to require surgical intervention.At the final stage of the prescribed various physiotherapy and therapeutic exercise.

Prevention of sprains is to strengthen the muscles and ligament apparatus.Regular exercise, swimming, active lifestyle, as well as comfortable shoes and clothing will protect you from strains, sprains and other injuries.