November 18, 2016 00:08

How to increase your eyes with makeup .Secret expressive eyes

With makeup woman solve a variety of issues of appearance.Makeup can not only highlight certain parts of the face, to shade them, but also to correct the very real shortcomings of the exterior.Shadows, mascara, eyeliner will come to your aid, if nature has not endowed you with perfect cut and eye size.In order to make your eyes look "wide open", you must learn how to properly apply makeup tools.

makeup color should not only shade the iris of your eyes, in general, combined with the way your (dress, accessories), but also to perform a specific function: to correct the shortcomings of the section, landing or eye size.Evening make-up, which is achieved by the use of dark, rich colors to attract attention to the eyelids and eyelashes.However, the increase in eye makeup this option loses lighter shades.Bright notes of the shoulder create the appearance of a truly open eyes, but a special expression of centuries they did not give.

Cosmetics should be applied in stages, to stay a long time in f
ront of and to cope with its functions.Roll up the shade or showered mascara, of course, does not help you create the desired effect Eye underscore.Eyelids should be degreased before painting tonic.Apply a foundation and give it a good soak into the skin.Non-greasy makeup base will keep the freshness of flowers and warn rolling shadows.If your eyes look tired, under the lower eyelids redness or swelling, with the help of special tools eliminate signs of fatigue.Anyone, even a professional make-up in conjunction with bags under the eyes will not be able to refresh your face.

Lover shooter must take into account that a thick line of black eyeliner along the upper and lower eyelid visually reduces the eye only.Add to your arsenal of soft pencils black and gray colors.Eye Contour should be dark, but clear.The most effective way to increase the eye - to create a mysterious haze around the eyelashes by grinding the contour line.

texture and color shades are important in choosing cosmetics.However, to achieve it you increase the eye only help technique and procedure for applying makeup.When the makeup base is well absorbed, you can begin to truly creative:
  1. first bar - white pearlescent shadow.Distribute them not only on the upper eyelid, but also safely paint all the space up to the eyebrows.Light, slightly iridescent skin tone optically widen the eyes, which will create the illusion of greater disclosure.
  2. second layer constitute the basic shade.Here you have to take on the role of the make-up and decide what color will blend in with the color of your irises.Paint the entire base shadows crease of the upper eyelid.
  3. third layer complete makeover, and the stage - the most crucial.The final outcome will depend on which areas of the century you do accents.The most tried and true method available to increase visual eye: to focus on the outer corner by notes of dark and reduce the emphasis on the internal by filling it with white or light shades.At the outer corner of the century, always try to use the shadows, contrasting with the base.By experimenting, you will learn not only to increase the optical size of the eye, but also to change their shape.

help "open the" eyes could lengthening black mascara.Color ink is not suitable for this purpose.Also take care of the bending of the eyelashes, twist them with special tongs.

higher placed eyebrows, the eyes appear more open.Thin eyebrows are always stronger allocate eyes, rather than extensive.Remove the hair from the bottom, while maintaining the natural eyebrow shape.

Pick up the correct means of cosmetics, the color, follow the procedure for applying make-up, and follow the scheme of allocation of certain areas of the skin.Owners of small, deep-set eyes or eyes with drooping corners correctly using cosmetics easy to fix flaws appearance.You will be able to attract the attention of one eye bright, expressive eyes.