November 18, 2016 00:08

How to do cupping massage.Making cupping massage.Cup massage - is a simple but productive procedure that will save you from many problems .

Cup massage - it is quite an effective procedure, which is based in an intense impact on human body parts vacuum with a special rubber (plastic) jars.It creates a high pressure area in which the update mechanisms including blood, lymph and tissues.

Uses of canned massage are many:
  • increased blood flow and oxygen-enriched tissue and skin;
  • increases the overall tone of the muscles of the body and the immune system;
  • accelerates metabolism, reduces the degree of cellulite;
  • cleared clogged sebaceous and sweat glands;
  • eliminates congestion in the pinched nerves;
  • intensively departs sputum in respiratory diseases;
  • becomes less swelling and inflammation in the joints and tissues.

As with any medical procedure, there have vacuum massage CONTRAINDICATIONS:
  • very high body temperature;
  • tuberculosis and oncology;
  • birthmarks and dark spots in the field of impact;
  • hypertension;
  • inflammation of the skin;
  • thrombophlebitis, thrombosis and varicose veins in the treated area.

patient's body heat the massage movements of hands (rubbing, squeezing, stroking) for 10 minutes to a small skin redness.

Good lubricate the surface of the body baby cream or oil (olive, petrolatum, massage).

after oil absorption is taken of the bank, shrinking the middle and neck is applied to the surface of the body.Thus, the skin will be pulled slightly into the jar.It is important not to do it with a great effort, because the sensitivity to pain at all different and feel can be quite unpleasant.

first performs massaging motion with small amplitude, but as the body of their warm-up can be increased.Spiral, zigzag, circular and longitudinal methods are carried out all over the body.In general, children are not recommended exposure cans over 5 min and adults - 15 minutes.

7 At the end of the bank's activities is removed from your index finger placed inside.Napkins removed a layer of oil and a few minutes relaxing massage is performed.Then the body or problem area is covered with a blanket, and the patient is resting quarter of an hour.

there is nothing difficult in the Cup massage.The main thing - do not carry it to the heart, kidneys and spine.And you will immediately see and feel for yourself the healing effect of this remarkable procedure.