November 18, 2016 00:08

How to put a bang .How to style your bangs

Bang - a tool corrector appearance changes.Hide the imperfections, radically change the image, select the expressiveness of the eyes can be through the original styling bangs .Stack bang need to clean damp hair, otherwise the result will not meet the expectations.The shape, thickness and style of laying bangs depends on the type of entity.

laying on its side.So usually laid oblique bangs .For flawless natural fixation should be laid bang hairdryer, directing warm air flow from the roots to the tips, hold the device at a distance of 5 - 10cm If your hair is thick and unruly, use the auxiliary substances -. Foam, gel, wax.If laying daunting hair dryer, give preference to pressing of a protective coating.

Laying ago.Whatever the current fashion trends, hair, neatly laid back, always endow its possessor a sense of style.Lift the curls from his forehead, do a good comb fleece on the reverse side, gently comb the front of the stacking and secure invisible or analog.If bangs short, to pick the best fixing lacquer.

laying strands.The spectacular and stylish solution for everyday option.Especially this method is relevant for the processing of torn bangs .Put on your fingers a little gel or wax, divide the strands and fix varnish.

If you have a short bangs, and her hair by nature "with the character", then you have to use special styling.For the oval face is better to choose the type of milling torn bangs medium length.For elongated face is better to make a smooth bangs sufficient length - Direct trim styling looks incredibly fresh and tempting.

For chubby girls better to cut and style your bang medium length, perhaps oblique, but not fix its varnish - let soars and rastrepyvaetsya , sometimes it's nice, cute and feminine.If a person has a square shape, the emphasis needs to be done on the visual extension - an oblique, jagged bangs will way .

If you are going to the grand event, the bang be installed in accordance with the basic hair, for example, if you have curls or waves, then do the same process with a bang and complete a type of person.