November 18, 2016 00:08

How to massage the newborn .The technology of massage newborn.Article on the conditions and methods of massaging the newborn .

Daily massage is a great way to strengthen the relationship between parent and child the first few weeks of life.Moreover, studies have shown that massage helps to improve sleep and immune stimulation of brain activity, increase the level of oxygen in the blood, relieving pain caused by problems in the digestive system.The technique of massage newborn easily mastered every parent.

Prepare to massage procedures.Take time to half an hour before feeding or after 40-50 minutes after the last meal.Ventilate the room.The optimal temperature for room relaxation session is considered to + 23-25 ​​° C.Make sure that you have enough space for a massage, it is well lit and is far away from heating appliances.Put on the table flannel blanket and oilcloth.Cover the top of all the diaper.Your hands should be clean, dry and warm to the touch.Remove the watch and all jewelry.In short shaved nails.Put next to everything you need: clean diaper, napkin, towel, a pacifier, a means for moisturizing the skin.

Starting position of the child: lying on his back legs to you.Use stroking massage techniques.The first massage movements must be gentle.Excluding any force, pressure and pressing.Only 4 months of exercises complex turn on the friction, kneading, Tapping, Clap and pinch motion.Begin and end each segment massage manipulation body stroking movements.

Begin newborn massage stroking movements in the arms and legs.First, the thumb, place your hand into the palm of the kid, and the second hand moving perform manipulations on the inside of the arm from wrist to shoulder.The tips of his fingers massage the palm and fingers of the child.The left leg of the child hold his left hand, right - right.With his free hand move from the foot to the thigh on the back of the outside of the leg.

Put your baby on his stomach and follow the stroking motion on the back.At the same time move the brush back-face portion of the child's buttocks to his head, and in the opposite direction to stroke his hand.Return the crumbs to the initial position.

Start stomach massage with circular slides palm of his right hand clockwise, avoiding the liver.Then change them on the counter with both hands stroking and massaging the oblique abdominal muscles.Complete an exercise in circular motions hands.

vigorous circular action of thumb, go to the foot massage (you can "draw" a figure eight).Each toe is put between thumb and forefinger and pull gently.

Follow strokes and sparing vibrating manipulation on the chest of the child.

Keep in mind that there are certain contraindications that prevent massaging the body of a newborn.These include acute infection, fever, diarrhea, severe skin disorders, inflammation, open wounds, blood disorders, certain period after immunization.In asthma, epilepsy, congenital hip dislocation, disease, and the noise in the heart, the child's disability permit appropriate manipulations during the massage should give the doctor.

Closely monitor the mood and state of the newborn during the session.Stop massage before he loudly about this will signal.Only then the kid would be to wait for the next class.