November 18, 2016 00:08

Tar soap - how to use .How to use tar soap to get rid of skin diseases

tar soap - universal natural remedy, used in cosmetic purposes.It contains a natural extract of birch tar, which has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.Tar oils together effective in various skin diseases.Consider a ways to apply soap.

tar soap is used for acne, "adolescent acne" and other skin rashes on the face and body.Use soap and water for washing must be 2-3 times a day.For maximum effect, rinse your face with cold water, it will help to narrow pores.

If the skin is red with a pimple is required to put a small piece of tar soap or a cotton swab moistened with soap and water on the inflamed site.For the prevention of acne, you should regularly lubricate the skin a thick lather, and leave on the minutes 10.

Women and girls with oily skin, you can apply the soap solution instead of the usual lotion makeup remover, and to get rid of greasy.The fair sex with dry skin use a tool can be used only as a preventative 1 time per week.And mandatory to apply a moisturizer aft
er washing procedures.

also use this soap while bathing children.Due to natural components agent promotes rapid healing of wounds, scratches and abrasions.It is great to help get rid of these parasites like lice and mites.Hair of soap must be carefully and leave for 15 minutes to foam.After a wash and comb hair comb with frequent teeth to remove nits.

Very effective use tar soap to combat dandruff on the head.To do this, only to be replaced by the usual shampoo and soap.Wash the hair with the application of a conventional method of soap for 5 minutes.After rinse your hair with plenty of water to get rid of the odor.The use of soap instead of shampoo is great affect on your hair, they become shiny and healthy.

tar soap can replace the funds for personal hygiene.Available in the composition of matter capable of protecting from infections.Soap helps to eliminate irritations and small cuts that are formed when hair removal bikini.

Get tar soap in pharmacies, specialty stores or do it yourself at home.Keep in mind that the shelf life of the equipment - 2 years.